Popularity of UK among international students - Why UK is a top study destination for international applicants?

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Why UK is a top study destination for international applicants:

Many students dream to study for higher education in foreign universities; they prepare themselves for top universities. The first choice of international students is USA because USA has top universities and post study career options. Apart from USA, UK is also becoming good choices for international students. It has been observe since 2020 that international students moving from USA to UK for higher education. UK has also many top university and many career option post studies.

Since we all now due to pandemic covid-19, world suffers a lot from the pandemic and students get loss in their studies. Many students who wish to study in foreign country has to change their plan as there will not allowed to travel. In UK before pandemic there is high rise in international students coming to UK for studies, it is estimates that international students will globally be nearly 9 million in 2030.

Now, things have on right path, we all getting over from pandemic situation and get back to normal life, students are also started coming to foreign university, many rules and guidelines have changed after covid-19, depends on country to country and university to university. But nothing is same as before.

A recent survey conducted by college board states that in 2020 nearly 83% foreign students showed their interest for studying in abroad, while the numbers increased in 2021, its 93% students agreed to study abroad.

It can be said that due to pandemic, student's interest of studying in foreign universities increased and they take their career very seriously.

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There are few findings which showing interest of international students in UK:

1. Those students whose parents, relatives who was studied in abroad, motivate them for higher education in UK.

2. In a recent study by 2026, the number of undergraduate students which will be studied in foreign universities will be increased to 46%.

3. In UK currently 155000 international students studied in different universities.

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Popularity of UK among international students:

International students work hard to get good score so that they can get admission in top universities. Many parents and students getting confusion in which country and university they will get good education environment. There is pool of universities globally; it is complete on the choice of students and their elders, what they choose.

There are many agencies that provide services to students about top universities. USA, UK, Australia, Canada these are the top pick countries for higher education.

In a recent finding of a survey conducted by college admissions services in UK on international students of their choices for colleges and university after completing their high school. The basic result of the finding is UK is very popular among international students and they find UK more convenient for study after high school. The number of students who wish to study in UK is after their high school as compares to the graduation students.

The highest number of international students is coming from china and rest from other countries.

To better understanding of UK popularity, it will be better to compare UK education with other countries.

This is a fact that studying in abroad will help international student in career growth; they can achieve more after studying from good university. As per figures 57% st7udents wish to study in US, 54% in Singapore and UK has received 54% popularity rate among international students.

It means international students finds USA and UK same for higher education. 88% international students find UK more positive place for study as undergraduate student. Every second students out of 10 coming to UK for studies coming from china and now students from Nigeria and Pakistan also coming to UK.

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There are few points which explain the popularity of UK in students:

1. Academic experience:

UK has many top universities who offer many courses which attract international students. Online and offline both, students can choose courses as per their interest. UK is also among the top 3 countries with best education system in world.

2. Affordable:

While getting admission in USA universities are very difficult, their emigration and visa process is very tough for international students. In UK the process of admission and giving students visa is quite easy and easily affordable.

3. Diversity:

The environment for living in UK is very positive and students feel safe and easily adjust.

4. Post study job option:

UK is providing best education to its international students, which helps them in getting good career option after studies. UK ranks number 1 on the list of best countries to study and later work.

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So we can say that UK is top most country for international students for education and work. 88% international students find UK more attractive for higher education as compared to other countries.

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