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What is Application essay?

Application essay is your personal statement to various institutions or the programmers under whom you wish to work or attain the course. It is the piece of writing which reflects your interest for a certain programme and the achievements which defines your career growth. This writing makes you eligible for most of the programmes you want to do or your selection for any of the internship or job. It is the platform through which you develop the interest in the admission officers showcasing your skills. Indeed the language you use should be able to have the eyes on your application than the others.

Difficulties encountered while writing an application essay?

The biggest difficulty a student faces in writing application essay is to shortlist on the key notes of what has to be written so that the application stands out amongst the others. Also maintaining the word limit becomes a huge challenge, when you have points to write but squeezing in the content looks impossible. Every student does not have a flare for writing and hence it becomes very challenging to write a piece which makes the interest of the admission officers drawn towards you. The last minute haste often leads to an imperfect essay leading to rejections and stress.

How to write a perfect Application essay?

In order to write a perfect application essay and overcome all the difficulties mentioned above, you need to develop a step by step process. Leaving the essay for last minute is a huge error often done by most of the students filling the applications for admissions in various courses. Give time to think how you want the admission officers to have keen interest in meeting you. We have gathered little information on how you can write a well planned and effective application essay.

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  • Be concise and honest in your writing: You need not inflate about your achievements. You should be humble enough and straight in letting the achievements like a club president or a treasurer sounds normal. Everyone knows that not every student can be holistic and it is okay to have little achievements and not boast about it. Next step is to know that during admissions, every selector has to read and go through lot of applications. Most of the places they mention the lower limit with no boundation on upper word limits. You have to be smart in writing your skills and other achievements in minimum to hold on to the interest level of the reader.
  • Have an accurate, coherent and individual approach: You have to portray small snapshots of your personal information and skills which should not be looking like a scattered curd. Before going on for writing the essay, ask yourself few questions like why do you want to go on for this programme? How do you define yourself and so on to get a better picture of what has to be depicted in your writing? Over here, the accuracy doesn't only mean correct grammar but also the usage of punctuations and spellings of various names you will be using in your writing.
  • Be likable and vivid: Portray your story including the support you got from your friends, colleagues and teachers. This will depict how humane you are. Every reader will be seeing if you are a person who can gel up with others easily or not. Because any institution will require your behaviour to be nice to everyone as it will be required for mingling with teachers and other peer members effectively. Be very careful in using humour in your piece of writing as it is not easy to write a humour. You will not want the reader to judge or perceive the statement in a different way.
  • You have to be smart: Your piece of writing should depict your diversity of thoughts and that you are open to receive suggestions or advice on any topic. Avoid making any harsh statements in the essay. Be smart enough to let the writing talk about reasons you have selected a particular programme and why you feel you have skills to accomplish and excel in the same. Your writing should be smart enough to reflect that you are an individual who loves the challenges this course will be giving you and how this course will enhance your skills and will make you more evolved as an individual.

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