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Cause and effect essay 

Out of all kinds of exploratory essays, the cause and effect essay is perhaps the most difficult type.

Cause and effect essays deal with topics that have a cause for a particular state of circumstances. The circumstances are the effect. Sometimes, an essay is limited only to causes, sometimes only to effects but generally to both, causes and effects. For example, one can discuss the causes of pollution only, or the effects of pollution or both causes and effects of pollution. Writing a cause and effect essay is not a casual exercise; even if you possess excellent writing skills, they are not enough to enable you to write a cause and effect essay. One requires thorough knowledge of the topic, a background, the capacity to think logically, to look at past events and project into the future and predict possibilities or what we call effects of something.

For example, taking for granted the speed of development in technology today, few people will be able to predict its effects in the field of education 20 to 50 years hence.

Characteristics of cause and effect essays:

  • The topics are generally scientific. The thesis statement is made clear in the beginning, in the first sentence of the first paragraph which is the introduction of the essay.
  • The cause and effect essay is not necessarily written in the form of paragraphs; at least some parts are in the form of bulleted or numbered points.
  • Experience in the field of study is an additional advantage that is reflected in a cause and effect essay.
  • It is a highly scholarly exercise.
  • The essay follows a strict chronological order.
  • Sufficient supporting details are always included.
  • The essay is based on mere facts; there is no scope for imagination or fiction.
  • The details given in the essay have to be convincing.

Writing a cause and effect essay

It is better to adapt the usual five paragraph essay format so that it suits the purpose of the cause and effect essay. A few changes may be made depending on the given topic.

Of course, we begin with an introduction with the thesis statement first. A little more information about the topic can be given in the first paragraph. In the introductory paragraph, the focus of your essay must be made clear, that is whether you are going to focus on the causes, the effects or both. The remaining structure depends upon your purpose and intention.

If your focus is on the causes, the next three paragraphs can be dedicated to causes. If the focus is effects, the 3 paragraphs of the main body of the essay will deal with effects. If you want to give equal weightage to both causes and effects, you can write about causes in two paragraphs, about effects in the next two paragraphs. Remember; always write the causes first and then the effects and not the other way round!

Hence, the main body of the essay will be extended to one more paragraphs.

The last paragraph is the summary and conclusion. If your focus is causes, you can refer to some effects in the conclusion part. Similarly, if your focus is effects, you can write one paragraph on causes in the last section. In these cases, the conclusion part will include 2 paragraphs. Whatever way you do it, we find that a cause and effect essay will need an additional paragraph.

Getting help with cause and effect essay

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