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Exploratory essay

Exploratory essay is a very different kind of essay when compared to all the other academic/ non- academic essays. The flow or writing style of this essay focuses on exploring the ideas or build a conclusion while writing. There is nothing to prove here. For these write- ups, you do not require to have a defined ending as it showcases how are you thinking and developing the arguments in all aspects focussing on the topic. There is no foundation here to focus on one argument or be negative/positive about it. It is a clear representation of your thinking and writing styles mixing together to get a conclusion. The essay follows a basic format of having introductory paragraph, body of the write- up and a conclusion. The introduction part of the essay should start with a question, a statement which is mind catching or a proverb.

A complete research is required on how to introduce a problem and outline the various ideas on solving the issue raised in the introduction. The body portion of the write- up requires you to analyse the points written and comparison between the same to reflect the thinking process towards the topic. Towards the end of the body part of the write- up, it is better to choose one which you feel is the best solution for the problem raised in the introduction. At the end, concluding paragraph should be linked directly to the opening paragraph by justifying the argument/solution which is picked up to give a coherent outlook.

Difficulties encountered in writing exploratory essay

Because the exploratory essay focuses more on the question raised or the problem depending upon the topic, it becomes difficult for students to throw many suggestions ad solutions in the body part of the essay. Hence, the lack in thoughts makes them give a vague structure to the write- up. Also, it becomes difficult for most of the students to showcase their analytical skills in justifying the solution/argument picked up for the conclusion. The main focus of such kind of essays is to find solutions towards various problems and understand them better through the writing of thoughts which appear in mind. But, most of the times due to peer pressure or the pending project work hold the student back to give ample time to explore and give time for an essay.

The write- up should be focusing on both the weak and the strong points of every possible solution you are reflecting on. As a student due to the habit of writing thesis type of essays this point is often neglected. The biggest difficulty is faced when the project of writing such essay includes a topic in which student is least interested or not at all excited to write. Due to this, the entire concept of writing an essay gets evaporated from the student's mind. The entire set of problems makes it very difficult for an individual to work on a concrete, effective and productive exploratory essay.

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Indeed looking above all the difficulties/challenges which are faced by students, there should be someone who can help them instantly. There can be either a doubt on how to go about showcasing the perspectives on the topic which is to be addressed or due to paucity of time an extra helping hand to complete the essay. Whether the help needed is small or big, it is always better to seek options online. As a student searching for a reliable essay writer, who is having great analytical skills is difficult. Moreover, getting a professional help in a given time frame becomes difficult. So, why not seek the options online. We live in the era of technology where everything can be delivered to you with just one click.

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