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How to write a character Analysis essay:

Character analysis is when you explain character traits and characteristics, also what role they are playing in the essay is known as character analysis. In the character analysis we also explain what conflicts they were experience. When we talking about character analysis we also need to write what role they are playing in their actual work. The real character analysis is what when you clearly mention the character with its reality, there should be no fake information write about the character.

Below we will explain in detail how to write a good character analysis essay and what purpose of making it is and what type of character analysis is.

Explaining How to Write a Character Analysis Essay in Just Few Simple Steps, Outline, Examples of Character Analysis

What is character analysis essay? What is the purpose?

Character analysis essay is an essay which defines everything about a character on which we are writing the essay. What is character behavior towards other things and how react in different situation. It is like that we are writing a complete story based on the character. The whole essay talks about the character and his complete analysis.

There are many types of writing the character analysis which will brief in below. It can possible there are one or two characters in an essay. All characters have same effect on the essay and this character will influence the whole essay.

Types of character analysis:

If we talk about the types it means the types are differentiate    on the basis of the characters traits and quality. The type which is very important in every story is protagonists.

1. Protagonist

2. Antagonist

3. Deuteragonist

4. Tertiary

5. Foil

As the character personality they are catorgies in each type, to get to know about a character personality, here are types of characters based on their qualities.

1. Dynamic/ changing

2. Static/ unchanging

3. Stock

4. Symbolic

5. Round

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How to write a character analysis essay?

The character essay is little bit different from normal essay writing. A writer has to learn few points before writing a character analysis. We will help you in writing the good character analysis essay, go through with below points before writing essay.

1. Select a character and then analyse:  generally the students are given the characters for essay by their professor and examiner. What if by chance the characters are not assign by you already in that case you need to select the character by your own.

It is very important to pick the character that is essay to write and their personality has many quality and traits so that you can easily mention in the essay. The chosen charter mast have a positive impact on the examiner, otherwise there is no use of writing the essay.

For example, if you have pick harry porter from the book of j.k Rowling, then it is good to pick harry as a character and write about his journey in the book and movie. His character has dynamic quality, he is emotional, he has courage to fight and he has a good bond with this family and friends.

2. Take proper notes:

  For a student it is always good to make notes while reading. You can take a notebook with you and as you start exploring character, start writing notes on him. It will help you in writing the essay later.

3. Focus on the idea:

After making important notes on the character while reading about him. Now make sure the character is attached with the main idea of the essay. The character essay is written to explore about the character quality which is hide from the world. It is important that the essay explain its clear idea on writing essay.

4. Prepare a character analysis essay outline:

After finalizing the main idea of the essay, now ensure that you have gathers all the information related to the character and its supporting material. The outlines will you in presenting your essay organized.

5. Introduction

Keeping the main idea of making the essay, now prepare the introduction of character here. Explain a little about their role in the essay. The introduction part has to be interesting to hold the examiner to read complete essay.

6. Explain the background of the character:

Make sure you are writing the true background of the character. It is important to write true information of character's life.

7.  Describe how the character grows through the plot:

Here you are describing the character complexity in the essay, whether he is good or worse.

8. Present evidence for the analysis: Whatever quality you are describing about the character, you have to present proper evidence to proof your words.

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