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Classification and division essay 

Some essay topics naturally fit into certain formats and have a clear structure. One such type is classification and division essay. The moment you set eyes on the topic, you realize that it falls into this category. When you are confronted with a topic like pollution, you immediately realize that it can be classified into different types like water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution and so on. The classification or division is not random; it is based on some common thread. Classification implies categorization. Things that have some similarity can be put into one category. Classification is done with the purpose of making a subject or topic easy to understand. When pollution is studied in groups, it helps understand each different type in a better way. Something that exists in entirety is divided into groups. When elements are grouped together on the basis of certain characteristic, the topic gets automatically organized. A system is imposed upon it. Then each group or class is handled separately.

In a division essay, the totality is divided into smaller parts. Each part is dealt with separately and the final aim is to reunite the parts and understand the total concept. Each part is analysed and examined minutely.

Writing a division and classification essay

Both the classification and division essays can be structured in three tiers - introduction, main body and conclusion.

Step 1. Identify the elements of the topic. Find out similarities or differences in the elements. Divide or classify them into suitable groups / classes.

Step 2. Examine and analyse each group or class in detail.

Step 3.  Find out the relationship of the various parts with each other.

Step 4 - Try to understand the concept in its totality. Look at it as a single entity.

Step 5. - Present the topic in a well-organized structure.

Difficulties in writing a division and classification essay

  • If students cannot detect similarities in elements, they cannot group them together.
  • Students cannot understand the relationship between elements in a topic. There is a logical connection between parts that must be understood.
  • Organizing this type of essay systematically poses problems.
  • It requires deep understanding of the topic in order to analyse it.
  • The arrangement of points and presentation in appropriate paragraphs is challenging.
  • The content is rigid with no scope for addition or elimination.
  • It is difficult to express in limited number of words all the essential and important points.
  • The content revolves around facts based upon evidence.
  • One must have critical thinking ability to write this kind of essay.

Hence, students really have to struggle with classification and division essays.


1. Introduction - The first paragraph must state the thesis statement. The topic, along with the groups or classes must be stated in the introduction. It is necessary to explain or justify the classification and division that is why certain elements are categorized together.

2. The main body must contain 3 (or4) paragraphs. They study each group or part separately. In the last paragraph of the main body, point out the relationship or links between different parts / divisions.

3. Conclusion - Unite all the parts and look at them collectively, summarizing the characteristics of each element and synthesizing the concept or theme.

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