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Reflective Essay

What is reflective essay?

A reflective essay is a type of essay where an individual gets an insight of himself/ herself. It is a piece of writing which depicts how an individual has grown from the experiences he/ she has acquired in the course of entire life lived till date. The formats are different for different kinds of audience. If we are to write a reflective essay for the college/ academy it will be reflecting on the growth of the individual intellectually and socially. The organization of the essay involves three sub parts- introduction, body and conclusion. Each of the sectors has different elements to write to formulate a perfect reflective essay.

Difficulties encountered while writing a reflective essay

The reflective essay requires the description of the experience and evaluating the same, which is difficult for most of the students to write effectively. These kinds of writings require critical thinking which not a piece of cake is for students and hence, they tend to write in an absurd way. Paucity of time is another factor to look upon. During the admissions, the queue will only increase and hence, a student needs to write appropriately in given time and word limit. To accumulate and draft all the reflections beautifully in one piece of writing in short span becomes difficult. If the writing frame is not well understood by the student, it becomes more difficult to evaluate and analyse the event/ incidence and pen it down in correct style of writing.

How to write a perfect reflective essay?

In order to write an impressive and interest developing reflective essay, one must follow the basic norms/ rules we have researched on. Few of them are given below:

  • Examine the question carefully: It is very necessary to examine what is desired by you in the essay before you think on a situation/ experience related to the same. The way of examining will give you an apt ideology to fit in the reflections.
  • If you are narrating an incidence and then throwing light on the same, be careful of not leaking anyone's identity. The confidentiality has to be maintained if the narration is on any medical patient or otherwise.
  • Reflect on various sources of literature and try linking your writing to any one of the sources. It is always good and better if you can connect your insight to the literature; this makes the reader understand the reflections well. 
  • Note down various connections you can create of your experience to various real life issues/ approaches. Also make note of all your personal and professional needs during learning.

After knowing what the basic rules are, it is time to know how the entire piece of writing should be distributed. We already know that the writing needs to be in three break ups- Introduction, body and conclusion. Let's see how each one of them can be made impressive and hold the interest of the reader that he/ she read the entire essay with full attention.

  • Introduction: A perfect reflective essay will have the crisp and curious introduction to get the attention of the reader in the essay. Make sure the matter of introduction talks about what it is and why it is important to analyse it. The model of reflection should be clearly developed in the introduction.
  • Body of the essay: The body requires the description of the experience you had including the thoughts and the feelings you had during the incident/ event. You have to write about your evaluation of the experience to be good or bad and at the end analyse the entire experience. Mention the cause and the affect of the event/ incidence on you and compare and contrast on the same.
  • Conclusion: This is the part of the essay which has to depict clearly the purpose of the reflective essay to the reader. After providing the summary of the various issues explored in the body of the essay, do suggest the alternative actions which can be taken against the explanation of the event/ incidence in the body.

A strong write- up will depict the examples against a certain change. For example, if there is an academic write- up on being optimistic, then the reflections will revolve around various different ways by which writer developed the positive outlook against all odds.

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