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Structure and way of writing a good short essay:

Every student in their academic session writes number of essays on different topics given to them. There are many types of essay in which short essay is one. If we can write essay in proper way it is not so difficult to write a short essay. The only thing to understand is the clear concept about the topic on which essay is writing.

 The examiner might be given the word where the short essay should be written so it becomes a difficult task for students, they have to express their knowledge on particular topic but within given words and the information

Here we will share all the important ways and methods which can help students in writing the short but relevant essay.

What is short essay?

First we need to understand what is essay, essay is a brief description of a topic given. The essay should be given all the information about the topic.

So the short essay is an essay in which there is word count for writing essay. The students have given some fixed number of words and they need to write within that limit. Short essay has a word limit maximum 700 words.

Now it is a task to express your thoughts into the essay with limited words. It is quite difficult to write a short essay because of word boundation. So below we are explaining the structure that will help students in writing the short essay. The structure is easy to understand as well.

There are hundreds of examples, they are easy to understand and explain that the essay are broken into four parts such as introduction, then research and main body later comes thesis and at last conclusion. All points should be explained in short but relevant data to make the shore essay.

Below is brief description of them:

1. introduction-  

We all are very familiar with this as we all have write essay in academic many times. This is same as normal essay but keep it short as we are short essay. The introduction part is the initial writing of your essay, if you are success in impress the reader at first part then definitely your thesis will get good mark. Always write in introduction about the topic you are referring and explain little about your ideas and thoughts to attract the reader.

2. Body:

After we have introduced the topic of our thesis, now the description about the main essay is come. First you need to do a little research about the topic on which you will write your essay it will help you in expanding your knowledge.

Well writing in the main body is quite challenging first the whole thesis is depends on here and each sentences must be related to the topic, also as we are writing the short essay we have to explain more in less words. But don't worry try to write in simple language don't be complicate the essay. The short essay should be at some point differciate with other essay in terms of fewer words with more information.

3. Conclusion:

Last but least the essay comes to its conclusion part where the final touch up is given. The words are adjusted and if something left to be written try to adjust writing here and make the final draft of your essay.

These are the typically methods which might help students in writing short essay. But they are not describing any new technique to write short essay, below are tips to write a good short essay in simple language.

1. First choose the right topic:

The topic is main hero of your essay, if you are not comfortable in writing the about the topic freely it will not give you good grades. So always choose topic in which you are interested and you are able to write by your own, don't choose topic by watching others.

2. Do Research:

You need to do lots of research about you topic in online and off line platform to learn more about topic. If the chosen topic is general so you will get lots of data related and you can use that in your thesis. But remember only relevant data should picked and write. Don't waste words by writing more about topic.

3. Make an outline and write:

Take a look on online short essay examples and then write by your own your short essay.

4. Proofread and final draft:

After writing once more give a read on your essay and then clear all errors while writing and prepare the final draft of your essay.

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