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The process essay, as the title implies is an essay that describes a process. It can be a process of doing something like making tea or a process that describes the working of some gadget like use of a microwave oven.  Process essentially follows steps. The process essay lists the steps to be followed while conducting the process.

Essentials of a process essay:

  • It must list the steps in the process.
  • The steps must be arranged in the same order in which the actions have to be performed.
  • A process essay must be systematic.
  • The language must be simple and easy to follow.
  • There should be no unnecessary details that may confuse the reader.
  • The content must be apt.
  • Examples or illustrations can be used to clarify a point.
  • The essay cannot match a live or video demonstration. Hence, it must e supported by pictures, photographs or diagrams if necessary.

Structure of a process essay

The process essay is organized in the same way as any other type of essay. It consists of three main parts - the introduction, the main body and the conclusion. Like a burger, it has three tiers with the main spicy tasty parts sandwiched between the introduction on the top and the conclusion at the bottom.

Introduction: The introduction should specify what process is being dealt with in the essay or the name, uses and description of the gadget or instrument under consideration.  Introduction can also be made interesting by narrating a small incident or anecdote that is relevant to the topic.

The main body: If you are describing a process for doing something, the main body must contain a list of instructions to be carried out in a definite order. For example, you cannot instruct anyone to strain the tea first and then boil it. The instructions must be logically and chronologically arranged. These steps can be numbered or given in bullet points. They can be given in the form of paragraphs in which case you have some scope to elaborate upon each step.

If you are describing the working of a gadget or instrument, you can divide the main body into 3 suitable paragraphs. The first paragraph will contain the physical features and a description of the outer appearance of the instrument. The second paragraph will contain the instructions for its functioning.

Special instructions like precautions to be taken while using it, how to clean and maintain it, servicing the parts, oiling etc. can be included in the third paragraph. The different functions and uses can also be covered in this paragraph.

Conclusion: In the conclusion, give a brief summary of whatever you have covered in the previous part. You can add the advantages and touch upon the disadvantages. You can say how tea is a good beverage and at the same time mention the harmful effects of tea. You can emphasize how a microwave saves time and makes cooking simple, but at the same time it consumes a great deal of electricity.

Difficulties in writing process essays:

  • If students do not arrange the steps properly, the process will make no sense.
  • Students are likely to forget important steps. If they forget to mention that tea leaves have to be added to boiling water, you will end up preparing sugar syrup instead of tea!
  • It is necessary to mention transitions in a process essay as you proceed from one step to another, like -


Next do...

After that...


Students often do not use appropriate transition phases.

  • Students are unable to decide which steps are essential and which can be ignored.
  • Writing in brief but to the point is a skill that can be developed only with time and practice.
  • Students do not have a stock of appropriate examples to support the essay.
  • They are unable to select and incorporate visual materials.

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