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What is a scholarship essay?

Scholarship does not come easy. Yes, you heard it right. Scholarships attainment is an important and a very difficult task for the student. It requires a crisp and impressive essay along with the application. No longer are the institutions seeking an application for scholarship. They demand to know you and your achievements through a write- up along with the application. Hence, scholarship essay is a writing piece which highlights your achievements, thoughts and aspirations. This write- up makes your application impressive and increases the chances of approval.

Difficulties encountered while writing a scholarship essay

The biggest difficulty for a student to write a scholarship essay is squeezing all the points in the required word- limit. Also a lot of dedication is required to sum up the pointers you want to highlight in the write- up to make your impression on the reader and to get your application in the selected zone. The biggest difficulty is to link your dedication to the objectives or the goals of the institution. You have to highlight how you can be a shining star for the organization. The reader should be able to feel your interest in their organization and should be looking forward to meet you after reading your write- up. In short, the write- up is very difficult indeed especially when you need your application to be selected.

How to write a perfect scholarship essay?

Well, a perfect scholarship essay has to be awarding against all the others in the same queue. Hence, it is very necessary to remove the myth from your head that reader is not interested in reading. The language, style and format, all of it will be influencing the reader to hold on to your application. To combat your stress we have gathered few points/ information on how to write an impressive scholarship essay.

  • First of all be clear with the objective of the scholarship essay and trust yourself. This write- up is the key to showcase the entire selection panel that you well deserve and an all rounder individual.
  • Read between the lines. Most of the institutions give you a topic to write on. Read the question carefully and ask yourself questions on how wills this topic be the medium for you to tell about yourself and your qualities/ interests. The topics are given to check what kind of student are you based on the event/ situation/ thoughts you will sum up in your write- up.
  • Always have a rough draft made. For any topic make sure to jot down the keywords or the points you will want to highlight in your essay. This will make you confident and you will not miss out on any of the qualities to write. Also, have a rough outline on how exactly you want your write up to proceed and end.
  • For catching the reader's attention, it is better to give a good start to your essay. If you feel the simple language cannot attract them, then add a quote or a saying which makes the reader develop interest in your application. Apart from this they will also be confirmed on your diversity of thoughts and high aptitude.
  • Every reader seeks for leadership skills and how will you be able to impact the community in your essay. Hence, whatever is the topic or the theme given to you, it should highlight these two important characteristics about you.
  • Be real. Your write- up should be reflecting what you are as a person. Baffling high will make your application rejected. Hence, be humble, real and showcase your abilities and passion in the essay which can support your application. Because reader will go on with a very famous quote- Honesty is the best policy.
  • Use the simple and effective language. After completing the entire essay, make sure to read and check the grammar and punctuations in the statements. Also, check if the question and the content of the essay are well matched or not. Make sure the word- limit is adhered to.
  • If there is a scope, try making another person read your essay. You will get the genuine feedback on the essay and how the reader feels about your application. This can make you rectify or view back few points so that you can work on a perfect scholarship essay.

If all the above pointers are followed with calm head, your application will definitely be approved.

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