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An Art of writing Argumentative Essays

Every student in their entire academic life, they write many assignments, articles and reports. The always face problem in writing the essays because they are lengthy and brief description of given topic. Many types of essays are given to write for students, they are as such:

  • Descriptive essays
  • Narrative essays
  • Expository essays
  • Argumentative essays

In all the essays the most difficult essays to write are Argumentative essays. It took lots of time and patience to write essay with quality and quantity content. The students find it difficult because of it language.

Here we will explain, what is Argumentative essay, how to write good essay and how many types of argumentative essay.

What is argumentative essay? How to Write a Perfect Argumentative Essay?

An Argumentative essay is an essay where we are fully confident on a topic given. Whatever we are writing about the topic is what we believe and we have proof also. For example if we are talking about android phone and iphone, then we will give brief description with proof that which phone is better and how. We are taking stand on what we are saying.

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How to write a good argumentative Essay: Easy step by step guide!

There are many ways to write an essay, it is complete depends on the writer and content. The perfect argumentative essay has to be written in simple and powerful language to get good marks.

Here we will help you to write an argumentative essay by using very easy steps. These steps will help students in improving their writing skills.

Step 1:  First choose an engaging topic-

The base of every essay is the topic we choose. Many students didn't think too much on choosing topic they pick the current topic and start writing but later they find that the topic is out of their interest and they become helpless.

So always choose the topic of your interest on which you can give you opinion better, and then when you write on that topic you personally write by your own without any support.

Step 2: Choose a proper Structure for your Essay-

The structuring of any essay is most important, what is starting of the essay and later how much time and word should be write in middle and then in the last. This whole planning should be done before, so that once you start writing you have idea how much efforts should be given in which part.

The structure of Essay will include like first introduction and then content and last conclusion.

Step 3: Conduct in Depth and careful Research-

A writer puts their efforts to make their book speak. This is all we can say about the essay writing. The students have to be sure what they are saying about the topic will reflect that how much they are sure about it. So here the research on the topic will definitely brief your knowledge and helps you in writing better.'

Step 4: Add arguments-

If students want to make their essay different from others and want to take better grades then they have to add counter arguments in the writing.  If you add arguments and also give explanations of every argument then this step will attract the examiner on the essay very much.

Step 5: Avoid difficult and controversial topics for essay-

A normal talk or some words if wrongly written will become a controversy. So is you choose the topic which have chances of lots of controversy this will make your essay more complicated and you have to face more problems in writing.

So try to avoid sensitive and heating topics and always choose wisely the topic.

At last we can say that we have explained easy steps which will help students in writing their essay.

Types of Argumentative Writing - Learn Writing Styles!

There are three basic type of argumentative essay that are adopted by the students. Such as-

Persuasive argumentative essay- In this essay type the writer have to fully sure about his essay and if needed he has to proof his statement and also debate on topic with valid proof.

Research Argumentative essay: This type of essay writing the outer proofs are more valid then inner. The student will again have to take stand on his arguments confidently.

Personal argumentative essay:  In this essay type the students' personal views on the topic is more important. If there is no valid proof available by the students them he has use his intelligence on topic to explain others without any doubts.

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