Great planner apps for high school and college students that may change your academic life!

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Why do students need study planner app? What are the Significance of study planner apps in Academic Life?

Best study planner apps for students are available online that may cause of life changer in student's life. The students who are studying aboard in higher studies they need some help in pocket that can be used anytime while they need help. The students face lots of problem in studies and college time and they have to orgnise their college life otherwise problems come out into bigger. The students who are underperforming need to be concentrate about this and they look for their study partner, we here explained some of the study planner apps that might be useful for you. These study planner apps are best Time-Management Apps for Students or exam apps that will help you study smarter. These study planner apps are useful for every students for organising college life in perfect manner.

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Here are some of the best study planner apps that can change your life:

Tutorsglobe:- This is one of the popular app and site for international students who are looking for urgent help in their college studies, the students studying aboard face a lot of problems due to cultural difference, this source helps students in making them comfortable in such environment, the students can save in their mobile and desktop and ask question anytime in popular discussion forum to get answer from relevant expert of subject matter. This also helps to enhance academic writing skills and majors of courses are available for guidance of students in their homework and assignments.

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iStudiez: A study-planning software oriented for college and high school students. It displays the seminar and tutorial schedule and serves as a reminder for upcoming assessments. iStudiez goes above and beyond by allowing you to keep track of your results and record the contact information for your teachers-features that no other software on our list offers. The app is free and available on macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. It has two way integration with google calendar. It consists of grades and GPA calculator.

Expertsminds: This is perfect source or best study planner for college students who studies in college, where lots of university studies materials, informative information for referencing your reports, essays and dissertations are available for instant download. A instant Q&A forum is popular for this site where students can ask questions and get instant answers from qualified and experienced subject matter experts. Students find this app useful for their study purpose and its available as desktop website.  It helps in assignments, writing homework, and other academic writing problems where students find proper guidance, information about referencing styles and material to give reference in report.

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Quizlet: Both teachers and students prefer Quizlet. You may access a huge list of materials generated by other Quizlet users or build your own study guides across a wide variety of topics using the app. By developing particular resources and then circulating them online, inside or outside the classroom, teachers utilize it to provide their students tasks and assessments. Quizlet is a fun method to study since you can create your own personalized flashcards and play educational games using videos and music. This makes it particularly helpful for learning languages.

Pocket: With all the stuff on the websites we visit when using our phones and laptops, it might be difficult to interpret everything we find, which is a problem because it can include information that is helpful for our studies. If only there were a means to save information without risking loss that would be helpful. No worries. We have a solution to this. As the app bookmarks do pinpoint this information in your brains too. On your phone, PC, or tablet, you may bookmark articles, movies, and other web material for a colorful and simple reading experience. Because of its extensive search and tagging features, you may organize websites by subject. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with several apps, including Twitter, Flipboard, Facebook, and Evernote.

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Egenda: Any student may immediately begin with this software. The software gives users the opportunity to select any topic and view all of its assignments, exams, and associated due dates. The students benefit greatly from this since it makes it easier for them to plan ahead. The tasks/projects are represented by cards that, after finished, can be discarded. There is no scheduling option in the app. The option to examine a full month's worth of assigned tests and projects for each topic is available in the most recent release. There is a setting for backup also. Some characteristics of Egenda are: It manages all assignments, tests, and activities in one location, daily reminders for the following day's work, Organize your to-do list by classes, timeframes, and completed assignments and include notes for project team members or assignment specifics. (Note: Only for Android users)

 StudyPurpose: This software is just for helping with homework. The fact that My Studypurpose is available as a web application is its strongest feature. As a result, the student can use any available key to unlock this application and the data. There aren't any card-based activities in this app, unlike many others in similar theme, which makes it unusual in design. Instead, the software works in a goal-centric way, informing the learner of what has been finished and how much of the assignment is left to accomplish. One can complete assignments, classes, timetable and projects on one screen only. No need to gamble here and there. All activity, including homework and other tasks, may be monitored, stored in the cloud, and retrieved from any location. Notifications concerning incomplete tasks, future tests, and classes can be sent to the student. There are various techniques to handle classes, including schedules, day/week rotations, etc. It is possible to record all tests along with academic data. its popular discussion forum Q&A the students are having access of tutors in their pocket and they find solutions to problems anytime while they need of it. The site offers discussion forum for free and students have to post their questions on website for getting answers quickly. Its very helpful for students or international students.  

Chipper: One of the most popular apps for student and helps in time management too. This study planning software has a number of tools designed specifically for students. Simply enter all of the courses you are presently enrolled in and arrange them in the designed schedule as per time and date. To assist you remain on top of your assignments, Chipper also lets you add exams, homework due dates, or quizzes to your calendar. Open the Study tab to start a timer when you're prepared to study. What's exciting is that this app helps you pump up by giving prizes to your achievements in the form of imaginary cash. This prompts you to do better day and day and creates a hurdle of competition between the aspirants.

Todait: A problem arises with other apps. While you are using the app for study purposes there a lot of things distracting you out be it the notifications or anything else. The exciting feature is you are able to mute the notifications while using this app and hence the problem is solved. It provides you with your daily ratio which means how much time you have spent studying and also the productivity of your study hours is noticed. It also has a statistical feature which shows your motion in the form of graphs. That is why it is considered as one of the best study planner app.

Power Planner: It is a very simple app which is suitable for students at every grade. Be they in their primary grade, middle grade or pursuing higher education. Helps you remembering class times and projects. Tracking your test is also a significant feature which will motivate you and increase your hype as you study the best. Estimate your GPA by putting assignment and test score grades. What makes it to be used easier is its integration Google calendar.

Calendly: In this modern era group projects are so common. This app helps you schedule within various individuals. The way to use it is: Connect your app with Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, Microsoft and others. Then request for a meeting to be scheduled. Select some parameters for example if they can see your following credentials, is their entry permission based etc. and then send this scheduling to each and every person whom you want to connect with.

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