Applying for an Internship at Google? These four things will increase your chances

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Applying for an Internship at Google?  These four things will increase your chances

Internship has become one of the mandatory training methodologies adapted by several institutions which prepares the students for taking up a successful career in their respective fields and gives them an idea of the practical concepts of work.  Several companies offer varied forms of internship which can range from a few days to several months, but the preference of students is to seek internship in prestigious institutions which increases their scope for future employment in some of the leading concerns.  

Google is one such institution which offers all-round training in various aspects of management for students pursuing studies in computer science, management and other related arenas. 

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There are certain essential criteria to be adhered to for acquiring internship at Google, one of which is to apply early as summer internships are filled by the end of December in Google. The application can be processed through any of the following ways, such as applying through the online Google website, which is one way to ensure that the application reaches them directly, employee referral is another method which could be adapted if the candidate knows someone already employed at Google, mailing to the human resources department for consideration for internship is yet another option, while the last method could be to try for an internship in any companies which are controlled by Google Incorporation.

The personnel at Google will evaluate the resume submitted by the students for internship. Thus resume is one of the most valuable assets which determines the caliber of the students and plays a major role in the selection process. This is usually followed by a technical interview to assess the suitability of the candidates and to evaluate their skills and capabilities and whether they would be in a position to take up the internship.

After the interviewing stage, it is the phase in which the hiring team will review the performance of the students in the interview, based on their aptitude, willingness to function as per the requirements at Google and suitable host matching activity is performed by the selectors, such that any team at Google should require the assistance of an intern, when they are immediately placed under the leadership of a team leader. However, if there are no vacancies, then, even the selected students will have to wait till any such placement opportunity arises.

If the resume fits perfectly and the interview of the candidates is satisfactory, the technical team will induct the students in the various programs. Usually the induction training program will last a month during which period the students are familiarized with the functioning of the various systems at Google such that when they are initiated into the real task by the team leads, the students should know all concepts of the working systems in the organization.

It is also required of the students to organize themselves in a perfect way to spend the rest of the period of their internship with knowledge imbibing activities.

For an internship selection four important features required are that the students should learn the intricacies of programming techniques followed in some of the major software concerns, which is obligatory for the candidates to clear their interview and come out with a successfully accepted resume. Having put forth a good performance in the internship requires upgrading information on technical aspects followed in the various concerns and it helps gain referrals for future job opportunities.

In the interview the candidates should be prepared for structured questions which are either open ended or closed structured- questions, and not just brain teaser questions. This format of questionnaire should be carefully prepared and analyzed before they are attempted at.

The third basic concept is to possess knowledge about Google research their varied fields of development, which target at specific technical requirements. Developing skills in those technical aspects is indispensable for being selected for the internship.

The fourth important criterion is the usage of tips provided by professionals on the conduct of interview and how to manage better and answer technical questions at interviews, including codes of conduct to be adhered to.

Google offers internships in the disciplines of Business, Information Technology, Engineering and Technology, and other allied subjects. Types of efforts to be put forth for the interview in order to excel in the basic concepts should be varied and be designed for individualized training.

Preparation for facing the interview should be done meticulously such that no concept is left without previewing and information acquired about. Our website assists students in preparing for the interview by taking them through the rigors of the technical requirements and to provide them the confidence to face the interview panel and answer their questions suitably.

We have expert in our committee of tutors who are well qualified in the concepts of assignment help and thereby will prepare the students for the day well in advance which will involve the concerted efforts of both the tutors and the students.

To register in our website, the students need to just log in and input their details. Our customer support executives who are available 24 x 7 will contact the students regarding the nature of internship they will be taking up at Google and highlight them the coursework involved in the rigorous preparation for the interview.

Once enrolled in our website, our experts will take the students through the process of preparation of the technical aspects of the interview with a fixed time schedule such that the students can become well-versed in the concepts in a faster manner. The students are also taught how to conduct themselves in the interview, the sort of questions they can expect and the manner in which answers should be delivered.

Due to their sheer experience and innovative concepts involved in teaching, the tutors develop the learning instincts in the students and make the sessions more enjoyable and interactive in order to instill self-reliance and assurance among the students and to bring about the spirit to perform well in the interview to be able to be selected for the internship.

Thus, our website takes up the onus of the responsibility of preparing the students for the task of facing the interview with mettle and fortitude.

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