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Topic - Health care management system


Develop fundamental knowledge on cloud computing along with different types of services provided. Write an introduction to the cloud computing environment with its advantages and disadvantages



Cloud computing environment refers to one stop solution to all the IT services required by IT industry for the sake of getting its problems solved. Any business enterprise can successfully employ Cloud computing services for getting its IT business requirements at convenient price, typical services may include software as service, infrastructure as service (utility computing) and platform as a service. It is possible for IT business s owners either to take up these services at pay as you go pricing or they can take up these services at subscription price. In any case the total expenses the IT user will undergo with Cloud computing will come down, as they just pay for the actual expenses that do incur during the usage. Further cloud computing apparently will not keep any limit on the IT services that the company will employ no need for capex and even certain cloud service providers can enable software utility availability from external sources. Hence the benefits are many and no practical limitations for Cloud computing services. The following part of the report will discuss more details of cloud computing in the context of smart application management. Though the security of the cloud based systems are mostly reliable, storage of the critical data with the third party and vulnerability of the same is a disadvantage with this system.

Cloud based Health care management system

The following figure illustrates the applicability of the cloud based health care management system as employed very frequently in the health care management system.

Cloud Based Smart Application Management.jpg

Figure 1 Cloud based health care application system

Cloud based health care application system is easy to use and is compatible with diverse cloud agents available online. The Fig-1 depicts a most commonly employed and simple cloud based health care system as employed for retrieval of a medical image from the patient health records. The same principle of storage and retrieval can be employed for any type of medical records in general.
Functional and Non functional requirements of cloud based health care management system mostly are case sensitive and the width and breadth of the particular application will define in detail the characteristics of these functionalities, however still the functional and non-functional requirements of the cloud based health care management will broadly cover the following aspects,


Question: Identify one application and model the functional requirements including the system behavior


Function Requirements:

(i) Broadly speaking the functional requirements of the cloud based health care management systems will include operations like data entry (Patient health records, medical images, diagnostic reports, prescriptions, Treatment data for costing purpose, Delivery report, post hospitalization treatment records etc.). Functional requirement of the cloud based health care management system should provide a template and access for including each of these functional data of information on the system. Also there is much to do with the software employed on the health care management system, functional compatibility of the Paas to integrate SaaS to take in the data supplied by the patients and employing the same for the custom report generation for the sake of patient requirements is another important aspects of the cloud based health care management system.

(ii) Hence provisions for data entry in terms of the medical records is one of the key functional requirements. Access and entry through mobile and other different channels.

(iii) Functional requirements include processing the data as per the reporting requirements of the software. Typically they may mean accessing the data as per the search criteria as well as as per the display requirements on the screen.

(iv) Functional requirements also may include the work flow patterns, the data collection from the first node, passage of the same(Access) to the central or local data repositories, access of the same by the physician's access provisions, Analytical access provisions, computations as per the saas available on cloud, generation of the deliverables as per the final operational requirements all makes up the functional requirements of the Cloud based health care management system.

(v) Other functional requirements include user access control authorizations, regulations of the same at different control levels.

(vi) Security and safety in accordance with the prevailing federal government regulations is also another important functional requirement of the Cloud based health care management system.

Finally Fig-1 of the above information will detail the modelling of the functional requirements of the cloud based health care management system which provides the information data flow, for medical image data access from the cloud based health care management system.

Detailed modelling of the same include the following attributes,
» Access control of the user data
» Data modification and update authorization
» Data entry restricrtions(type of data)
» Data authorization with digital signatures
» Data audit trails
» Modelling multi level approval before giving delivery report issue Etc

Non functional requirements:
Non functional requirements may include features like availability, access speeds, reliability, security, Concurrency etc.


Question: The challenges faced in the development and deployment process of the cloud environment


Challenges in Developing and Deploying cloud environment:

» Ensuring security and Safety in the cloud environment is a most important concern in the cloud based Hospital management systems. More importantly it is to be recognized that the cloud based system need to be assured of security in data migration, data storage and retrieval.
» Deploying with an inherent capacity of resilience for any type of cyber attack is another important safety and security concern of cloud environment. Ensuring performance, scalability and applicability are some of the concerns and challenges that cloud based health care system should invariable consider before deploying the same.
» Amalgamation (Integration) of the existing infrastructure with the cloud system is a challenge, if it has no such capacity for amalgamation, it is possible that the integration will not assure the updates in future as well may not ensure better execution of the governance strategy.
» Employing IT governance and control systems in accordance with the organizational goals and objectives is very much important. Cloud based systems may not ensure complete control over the operations over the infrastructure and hence traditional control may be of use.
» Another important challenge is to understand the fact that the challenges do vary from organization to organization and understanding challenges as per the specific organizational features and priorities and managing the same is.

Question: Provide insights about the performance management of cloud applications


Performance management of the cloud based services:

» Communication over the internet include several performance measures like response time for composite or atomic service, Completion time for a batch or background operation, Number of transactions or requested processed in particular time. They are counted obviously in time units and number of transactions. Band width of the communication channel and its availability is important performance measure of the communication over internet. Reliability of the utility is important aspect of the performance management aspect of the cloud based service.

» Response time in getting the requested services of the private and public instances is key measure of the cloud performance. Processor speed, storage capacities as well scalability defines the performance characteristics.

» Application performance components include features such as service availability, MTBF, MTTR etc. Reliability and scalability also matters here.

Hence it is very much required to optimize the performance characteristics of the chosen organization between the total cost and the actual organizational needs in this connection. Optimized performance is needed to ensure a right combination of these two.

Question: Identify appropriate cloud service providers to build the application. Justify your opinion based on the comparison of the services provided by the two cloud providers. Which service provider performed better and why?


Analysis: Cloud service providers and comparison:

Microsoft Azure services and Amazon web services are two options for health care management. AWS is agile and several clinical information service providers already employed the technology for their regular cloud based health care management applications. Computation, innovation and storage are all possible with this technology. Microsoft Azure cloud computing services[4] are particularly useful and can provide on-demand access to the health care applications and data. PaaS the inherent feature can supply providers with networks, servers and storage. This will also complies with the protection and privacy laws with HIPAA and HITECT acts. CSA (Cloud security alliance) compliant as well. Good measures of security and safety there in. Though there are no major differences, compliances with the regulations and the security provisions will let me choose Microsoft Azure for this service.

Question: Explain how this applications would be different in terms of the functional requirements if it was to be designed using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Answer: Service Oriented Architecture(SOA):

SOA is mainly application architecture with horizontal services, whereas Cloud computing is an IT architecture with vertical services. SOA is mainly enterprise oriented and confines to the application development and integration upto the enterprise level only. It cannot be scaled virtually as well the cost incurring for the updating and scaling is too high. Needs licensing of all the application services and platforms separately, However Cloud computing offer the advantages of scalability , cost reduction, easy updation and availability of range of applications in less price. However, still SOA is more secured as is within the organization and no third party control. Functional requirements of SOA need to consider these facts and hence planning need to be done with the insights of the future needs, expansion concerns. Also there is no need for the consideration of the internet communication and related performance aspects.

Health care management is evolving like any other cloud based smart application. The recent trends are prompting the service to be versatile by getting availed on internet. Cloud computing is offering one stop solution for several needs of the health care organizations as well as for the needs of the stakeholders like patients. The discussion emphasizes the features and typical options that one need to consider in this application and there is also detailed discussion of the differences of the technology when compared with SOA and its applications are discussed in detail.

Learning Outcomes

c. Analyse and model system functionality and behaviour.

d. Compare and contrast different approaches to system analysis and design, such as object-oriented, agile, and service oriented techniques

e. Analyse and model the functional and non-functional requirements of a software system

f. Design and deploy functional solutions, such as initiating, analysing and implementing system plans


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