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HC2101 Performance Management Structure, Holmes Institute, Australia


Introduction: The report will discuss in detail about the concept of performance management structure. The concept of performance management can be defined as a system which is proactive by nature to manage the performance of employees in order to drive people and companies in the direction of many desired levels of outcomes and performance. In simple words, it's a structure which can manage the company's performance and their people. This can sound easy and organizations already taking some steps without actually understanding it. However, when there is discussion based on performance management, the workforce is actually reluctant to actually take the appraisal procedure (Cascio, 2015). The company can also envision to spend time towards the end at their task with tracking procedure and many writes ups based on employee's performance works. At the same time, there are definitely some crucial pieces of the whole puzzle about well-considered performance measurement structure that never actually mean a lot of work for the workforces. 

Discussion: Discuss the elements of an effective performance management system.

Answer: Performance management objectives

The main objectives of performance management system are simple and the company will have to make sure for each and every one like staff, management, organization as a whole, is operating together to meet the complete operational and performance of the company' objectives. It is obvious that company's management, operations, people and finances can help in complementing every component which further means the outcomes comes with synergy which can propel the employees towards different objectives (Grant, 2016).

There are approx. 6 elements that one can focus to grow a structure that will function within organization's parameters. Following are some of the points on performance management system:

1. Gaining clarity on expectations: it is very important to agree on communication and also gain clear level of expectation that are crucial. This is actually the first step in executing the functional performance measurement structure. At the time of instructing the workforce, the company will have to ensure that they express many levels of expectations which clearly conform that the message is well understood by them. The aim here is consistent, constructive feedback and positive as well (Horton and Farnham, 2015).

2. Reviewing performance: reviewing the performance calculates on how any workforce who can answer in your way. When the workforce is clear about management's expectations and workforces that gain clarity on the message and management obviously hired the staff that can match the culture, such reviews will be easy than before. When the reviews are not going ideal, it can be a signal that the team is not gaining clarity over the roles of people. One must restate anticipations and provide high level of guidance on how a teammate can be best.

3. Coaching and teaching: the concept of teaching or mentoring come in this step. Everyone can lose their way or sense of direction from time to time, thus coming in the way of the staff, open different lines of interactions as well as also putting time with people in order to pay high dividends (Mone and London, 2018). The concept of coaching can be a universal level of language that can promote change and increase learning in the company. Some extra time on coaching can be very useful for the management, however the motivation and help the staff for a longer period of time.

4. Recognition and reward: the big question for companies is based on what they are doing to motivate employees to look forward to work. The company should always develop a fun, ever-engaging environment that can keep the workforce highly encouraged. There is time when operators and management started thinking that different rewards and identification can be expensive. When a member of the team can reach a pre-decided objective, most probably they are able to upsold the current and special level of entrée which is ten times at the time of movement and they must be rewarded. One can write a rapid note which can thank people as well as identify them at the time of weekly workforce meeting (Morrison et al., 2019). Rapid, easy and can be expensive for the organization in terms of their time. Rewards at extravagant level are not very important and people will find authentic level of help which can be added with high value system.

5. Improvement of plans: it is important to evaluate the staff or workforce in a periodic manner in order to see different things that are happening. Following are some of the crucial questions to ask here like understanding their expectations, are input are rewarding and recognizing programs one they are put to place and is there any other advice to assist the organization to reach the objectives. This step can be extremely tricky and utilise for very bad kind of intentions. It is unfortunate, management can see this tool at times which is used for the motive to document issues so it can be utilise to get people out (Northouse, 2018). This is why, the company must ensure to keep a positive outlook and utilise the procedure for what one can design in order to have a constant self-growth for the management and staff.

6. Corrective measures: the discipline of workforce can be challenging to administer and with all kind of laws in places, operators at time feel based on hands that are tied. Usage of corrective measure form can assist ease people different level of stress or anxieties and providing help towards documentations in order to meet all legal needs.

The management must remember that corrective steps must be the last option in corrective measures. Till this time, one can get towards the step and can exhaust all the processes, consisting mentorship, growth plans and coaching.


Following are the effective performance management structure consist of following elements:

• Planning of performance: the plan focused on performance is the initial crucial element of any performance management procedures which can form the base of performance appraisals. Planning of performance is combined done by different level of appraisee and also different reviewee in the starting of varied performance focused session (Rosemann and vom Brocke,2015). At this time, the workforce must decide on the targets as well as the key performance sessions that can be part of performance for a year within the budget of performance that can finalize right after the mutual level of agreement that exist between reporting executives and the workforce.

• Performance appraisal measures and review: the appraisal processes are usually performed two time annually in a company in the kind of mid-level reviews and yearly reviews that is actually held towards the end of financial year. During this procedure, the appraisee initial provide the ratings which are self-filled in the self-appraisal format and also mentions his or her accomplishments over a fixed period of time in a quantifiable level of terms. Right after the process of self-appraisal, the end ratings are given to the appraiser for quantified and calculated accomplishments of the workforces being part of appraisal (Seamsterand Redding, 2017). The complete procedure of review that can look of an active participation of employees and the appraisal executive to analyse the reasons of many loopholes in the level of performance and how one can overcome it.

• Feedback on performance supported by personal level of counselling and performance focused facilitation: there are many levels of feedback along with counselling is provided with a lot of significance in the process of performance management. This is the time where the workforce can get high level of awareness from many people like appraisal manager about areas focusing on improvement and also data on whether the workforce can contribute the anticipated levels of performance or not. The employee achieves an open as well as a highly transparent solutions along with the training and growth requirements of the workforces is also recognized. Different appraisers can adopt all the potential steps to make sure that the workforce can meet the anticipated results for a company via effective level of personal counselling along with right guidance, showing workforce in training programme and mentoring that develop high level of competencies and improving the complete productivity (Taylor et al., 2015).

• Reward focused performance: this is a very important element as it can decide the work level motivation of workforce. At the stage, a workforce is identified publicly for better performance and can provide rewards. This phase is highly sensitive for a member of workforce as this can have direct impact on the self-esteem of people and accomplishment focused orientation (Van Dooren et al., 2015). Any kind of contribution can rightly identify by a company assist the workforce to cope with all possible failures in successful manner and meet the much-needed affection.

Conclusion: When the concept of performance management structure is conducted well, there are many positive results. With no structure in place, feedback between different leaders as well as workforces is not very frequent or usually non-existent by nature. Companies require systems that can establish goals and define varied work level plans. Compensation needs an underlying level of rationale for administration(Van Dooren et al., 2015). In addition, the periodic level of appraisal gives legal safety for the company in case of termination. The most important thing is that workforces on the basis of performance and improve their career.


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