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Learner Declaration for unit CHCPOL002 Develop and implement policy and Assignment Help topics we cover!

Section 1 - Research New Policy Initiatives

Section 2 - Draft Policies

The objective of these questions, are to provide you with an opportunity to

  • Select and use policy formats and structures suited to policy users
  • Draft policies that reflect the culture, values and objectives of the organisation
  • Clearly and logically articulate policy requirements and other information that supports policy statements
  • Develop plans for policy resourcing, implementation and review

Section 3 - Test Draft Policies

Section 4 - Develop Policy Proposal

The objective of these questions, are to provide you with the opportunity to

Prepare policy materials that support implementation and facilitate stakeholder understanding and acceptance of changes

 Present policy proposals to decision-makers according to organisation requirements and seek and gain formal approval according to organisation requirements

Section 5 - Implement &amp; Review Policies

Section 6 - Knowledge Evidence

Unit CHCPOL002 - Develop and implement policy

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to research, develop and implement new policy initiatives.

This unit applies to workers who are directly responsible for driving new policy directives across a business unit, team or service. The skills in this unit must be applied in accordance with Commonwealth and State/Territory legislation, Australian/New Zealand standards and industry codes of practice.

Children's services are a complex area of study. You are required to develop knowledge in six key areas, which include;

Statutory Information: Children's education and care services are highly regulated and must comply with federal, state and local government legislation across a broad range of areas.

Children's Health, Safety and Wellbeing: The care and education of young children encompasses: attention to social and emotional wellbeing, physical and mental health and safety, nutrition, safe care practices, and child protection.

Care Practices: The care practices are directly related to legislative, ethical and assessment and rating requirements. Policies and procedures guide and direct all care practices.

Child Development, Play and Pedagogy: Best practice in early childhood education and care is underpinned by sound child development knowledge and understanding of the role of play in learning. Early childhood pedagogy explores the way in which young children learn and how this can be supported and enhanced by early childhood educators.

Communication: High quality relationships are critical to high quality children's education and care services. Understanding and acquiring the skills to communicate effectively with children, parents and colleagues is an essential aspect of children's services training.

Inclusive Practices: In children's education and care services, educators are required to work collaboratively with families in the provision of care for the child. This requires a sound

knowledge of the social and cultural context of the family and how this impacts on the child's

development. As your studies progress, you will begin to understand how each of these areas relate and how knowledge in one area will support the development of your skills and knowledge in other areas.

Gaining the required knowledge will be an ongoing career process. During your study you

Will rapidly acquire a great deal of knowledge, which, as it is applied to practice, will begin consolidate in a meaningful way. Gradually you will begin to draw all of the threads together

to make sense of how this knowledge applies to practice and how it will assist you to become an effective educator. Generally, it is not possible to assess all of the required knowledge through performance in the workplace. Assessment of some knowledge is best achieved through written or oral assessment tasks. These are the theory-based tasks that you will complete as part of your assessment and is the purpose of this workbook.

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Each Unit of Competency contains a range of Elements, an element defines the essential outcomes of the unit. By successfully completing all assessments in these units you will have demonstrated that you are able to;

Elements Included in this Unit CHCPOL002 - Develop and implement policy Assignment Help

  • Research new policy initiatives
  • Draft policies
  • Test draft policies
  • Develop policy proposals
  • implement and review policies

The candidate must show evidence of the ability to complete tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit, manage tasks and manage contingencies in the context of the job role. There must be evidence that the candidate has researched, drafted, developed and implemented at least 1 policy initiative for at least 1 business unit or organisation engaged in consultation with at least 3 different stakeholders, including:

  • individuals
  • groups or organisations

Knowledge evidence

The candidate must be able to demonstrate essential knowledge required to effectively complete tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit, manage the task and manage contingencies in the context of the work role. This includes knowledge of:

legal and ethical context (international, national, state/territory, local) for policy development in the sector of work:

  • codes of practice
  • duty of care
  • human rights
  • privacy, confidentiality and disclosure
  • policy frameworks
  • rights and responsibilities of workers, employers and clients
  • work health and safety

current industry developments and context for policy development, including funding body requirements policy trends at global, national, state/territory and local levels organisation strategic focus and philosophy within which policies are developed key stakeholders at local, state/territory and national level principles and practices of policy development and implementation:

  • research - methodologies and tools
  • consultation
  • methodologies and appropriateness for different audiences
  • types and features of documentation/information used to support consultation
  • stakeholder engagement and management
  • approval processes
  • structures and formats for policy documents
  • implementation considerations and processes
  • evaluation and review report writing techniques

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