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Wright State University is a national public research university based in Dayton, Ohio comprising of over 15,000 students from all over the world. Named after the Wright brothers, Wright State University is made up of eight colleges, three schools, and a branch campus in Celina, Ohio, offering exceptional and affordable 295-degree programs at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral level in the fields of engineering, healthcare, fine arts, commerce and many more. Regarding its history, Wright State University was established in year 1964 as a branch campus of Miami University and Ohio State University, operational only a single building, Allyn Hall, named in the memory of one of the university's founders and ex- president of National Cash Register, Mr. Stanley Allyn.

It's splendid campus of 173-acre was donated by the United States Air Force from excess acreage of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  The need for establishing a university at Dayton was realized after accepting the fact that Dayton was emerging rapidly as a center for innovative technologies which demanded a strong educated workforce. As a result, a community-wide fundraising program was conducted in year 1962 to establish the university, and the as a result campaign raised around $3 million successfully. Thereafter, the Ohio General Assembly passed legislation in year 1965 that successfully transformed the Dayton campus into the Wright State Campus comprising of its with its own Advisory Committee. As a result, the campus flourished and by the year 1967 it achieved an independent status encompassing over 5000+ full-time students. The popular alumni of this university are the Wright brothers, who are well-known Dayton residents, remembered globally for upbringing world's first airplane.


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