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A research paper can be either refers to an academic paper, a thesis, a term paper of dissertation which contains original findings based on arguments, which has to be performed by students. Writing a research paper is very tough for students because students have to work on evidences and drawn a conclusion based on intense research on those evidences. Most to the students don't do sufficient research on given evidence and they drawn conclusion on basis of fallacious evidences. This kind of deceptive work makes the research paper dull and less captivating for professor and it leaves negative impact on him. He clearly understands that student fails to understand the requirement and nature of evidences. What you need to do is, intense research on given evidences and on behalf of this, extract the conclusion with strong support of those evidences or proofs.

          The next obstacle for student is conclusion which must be based on given evidences or proofs only. Any kind of assumption from your side and/or distorted evidences can lead you towards marks deduction. On top of that student need raw material to do assignment which is most arduous task for them. Students need study materials for research work and these should be grabbing only from genuine sources. And in the end it's obligatory to enlist those references. The quality of references also comes in marking criteria so pay attention on this well. While referencing, keep in mind the format of reference which can be APA style, Harvard style or other.

Almost every post graduate degree course includes a mini research or action research project as a compulsory part of the curriculum. Students who pursue a post- graduation course have received a degree of maturity in scholarship. A PG degree is the culmination of a subject of specialization and a foundation of research activities. The ultimate aim of research is to prepare students for conducting research independently and make worthy contribution to knowledge by filling gaps in knowledge.

A research project is included in the curriculum so that students get acquainted with the vast field of research and acquire the necessary skills. Research activity is challenging. It has to be done systematically. The research report is a serious academic document as it can serve as a source of reference for future research. It has to be done with utmost care and responsibility. 

Difficulties encountered while doing research paper

The very idea of research sounds very exciting to students and they begin a project with enthusiasm, prepared to work hard and get the best results. However, as they proceed with it, they come across a number of hurdles and get discouraged. Even after completing the first research project in life, one continues to grope in the darkness. For one to acquire some basic knowledge of research one has to do minimum 5 to 10 and to become masters, one lifetime is also insufficient.

 Here are some problems faced by students while doing research.

  • The research methods and techniques are hard to understand. They are unable to decide which method or technique and research design is most suitable for their topic.
  • When doing research for the first time, the newbie is in total darkness and needs proper guidance at every step.
  • Sometimes, students do not get proper and sufficient guidance from their guides.
  • Every research project is unique and there is no shortcut. One has to go through the ordeal. It is a new experience of a different kind.
  • Experimental research involves statistical calculations; students with Arts or Commerce background have no knowledge of statistics. They are not in a position to apply formulas to data, calculate and interpret the results.
  • When the data is bulky students do not understand how to segregate it, tabulate it and analyses it systematically.
  • Every step in a research project is important. The slightest error at one point can affect the final results seriously and all time and efforts are wasted. Sometimes students have to do the whole research from the beginning all over again.

          Sometime it happens that student uses internet sources but copied the content as it is from there but this act comes in plagiarism which is banned in universities. Universities don't entertain plagiarized solution and even this comes in punishable offence as per some universities guidelines. There are lots of plagiarisms checking tools which can help you to find out plagiarism in your research work. Take help of those tools to make your solution plagiarism free. The research paper represents student's hard work which must be in proper format to get the desired score. In the process of formatting, make sure these points should be as per given instruction which are, line spacing, side margin, font size, font style, table of content (TOC) and cover page etc.

Besides formatting, in research paper or in any kind of homework you should use only formal language. What kind of language you use makes the differences a lot there. Do not over use complex word and sentences structure because this can make the solution less understandable which is not your motive. Sometimes it happens that in the process of removing/paraphrasing copied content some student makes a serious mistake of loading the solution with lots of syntax error. These syntax errors show your less command over writing skills. So correct them before submitting it to professor. Also take care of spelling errors as well. You can use spelling checking option while writing in Microsoft word. Double check all your work before submission the research work. Give a final touch and make the solution perfect. This is the time where student can remove lots of mistake from the solution.

Few important points covered under a research paper

  • Selection of topic
  • Title
  • Selecting the population
  • Sampling techniques and sampling
  • Type of research - experimental, descriptive, survey etc.
  • Research design
  • Review of related literature
  • Data collections tools and techniques
  • Data collection and tabulation
  • Analysis if data and interpretation
  • Writing the research report
  • Indexing, tables, graphs, images, illustrations, charts, numbering etc.
  • Citations and references
  • Bibliography
  • Formatting as per style guide 

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