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Psychology and Importance of Psychology

Psychology is that branch of science which deals with the functions of the human mind dealing with the behaviour. It helps to understand various reactions of human mind to any situation he/ she face in life. The study helps us to understand how a human brain or mind changes in behaviour from childhood to old age. The attitude and mind's ability to think about any situation changes in every phase of life. The study also helps in developing the methods for mental illness in patients. In this course a student's cognitive skills are enhanced like attention, way of learning, perception, memory and consciousness. Psychoanalysis makes you have a better approach towards any study or problem via formulating the hypothesis. In short the study of the subject makes you go on the path of positive correlations seeking the actual cause.

Difficulties faced by students

While investigating the case studies, students are expected to be unbiased which is the biggest difficulty in the subject. The students mind works in the way their family or friends think about various situations. Apart from this a correct methodology for each case study to perform or formulize becomes difficult while referring to the huge theoretical foundation comprising of various theories. The operational or unambiguous ways of testing offered by the various theories studied in the subject for hypothetical testing also becomes very challenging for students. They are not able to minimize their list of tests according to the case study. The understanding of feelings, emotions and behaviour is not easy and hence most of the students are not able to have a conscious approach towards the case studies provided and grapple in one or the other step which leads to the results.

Few important tips to consider while solving problems of Psychology

The subject will always have an empirical approach. This means that you can well understand any question/ case study through experimental ways. The practicality of the subject makes it more connected to science. The observational skills have to be very high for you to co relate the experimental and experiential ways to combat a problem or the solution to a case. There is always a method to go about a situation. First, your objectives needs to be well defined as to what you are going to do according to the present scenario of human mindset.  In this way you are not biased and any kind of personal opinions will be kept far while having the approach towards the study. The second process is to have control on any external effects which may lead to judgements of causes and effect. They have to be purely on the basis of following your objectives via hypothetical testing. Be clear in which are the tests you would like the subject to undergo for you to analyse the behaviour. The next step is to know whether the results you got are somewhat equivalent to the others in the same or different occasions with different people. In this way you will be able to get the satisfaction of the approach and results to be reliable. If the results match a bit, you make it a theory. This is how a psychological science works step by step.

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