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Scholars, writers, students, journalists and all those who have anything to do with writing always face a big problem looming before them - proofreading. Everyone wants to generate quality content which is free from errors. Printing and publishing are serious matters and mistakes cannot be tolerated. The general quality of a work is affected by mistakes. These mistakes are not always caused by ignorance or carelessness; there can be various reasons.

Sometimes, the author's handwriting may be bad and the typist misreads it, leading to errors. Sometimes, there may be a typing error. Sometimes, errors are the result of change in formatting or fonts. Errors can be of different types;

  • Spelling errors
  • Grammatical errors
  • Punctuations and capitalization errors
  • Spacing
  • Incomplete sentences.
  • Sentences mixing up with each other while typing
  • Incorrect words
  • Missed letters or words

All these types of errors are not deliberate, yet they affect the meaning seriously. Sometimes, no sense can be made from a certain sentence.

Whatever the type of error, it has to be corrected because nothing can be published without making it perfect. Before it is finalized, every piece of writing has to be given for proofreading so that no mistakes are left.

A huge bulk of writing is generated daily and proofreading has become such an important activity that there are professional proof-readers who are constantly engagedin the task. The make it a full-time or part-time means of earning money.

Difficulties involved in proofreading

Proofreading is the act of eliminating mistakes from a piece of writing. Hence, further mistakes are not permitted.

Mistakes should not be overlooked. The proof reader has to be careful and alert to notice all kinds of errors. If the font is too small or the spacing between lines is not adequate, it leads to stress on the eyes to check for mistakes. The proof reader must have good knowledge of grammar and spellings to correct mistakes in the content. A proof reader's job is not confined to language mistakes; he has to check whether the terminology used is appropriate, whether the writer is able to convey the meaning that he intends to, whether there is ambiguity and whether a word can be replaced for a better one.

Proof reading is mechanical, dull and tedious. It is very time consuming. Most writers lack the skills necessary for proofreading. One cannot afford to be negligent. Each and every letter, punctuation mark and capital letter has to be examined carefully in the context. Proof reading also ensures a second opinion of the work. Writers insist that their writing must be proof read not just once but two to three times so that not a single mistake will be left.

Some topics related to proof reading

  • Reading a text in a detached way, with an unbiased attitude
  • Detecting errors of punctuation marks
  • Identifying incorrect spellings
  • Spacing, indentations, pagination, paragraphs
  • General formatting
  • Numbering and bullets
  • Headings and sub-headings
  • Font type and size
  • Colours if any
  • Graphs, tables, charts and diagrams
  • Sentence structures - variety or lack of it
  • Correcting grammatical errors
  • Proof reading symbols: These are special symbols which printers and publishers understand. For each type of error there is a special symbol. The proof reader is expected to mark the error with the relevant symbol so that typists understand exactly what has to be corrected.

Help with proof reading

As mentioned earlier, proof reading has become a regular profession. There are people who charge huge amounts of fees for proof reading documents. One cannot print or publish a work without proof reading.

When you assign the work of proof reading to someone, you commit to pay an amount. There is no guarantee that the work will be fool proof when you receive it. Sometimes, you don't get it in time. So you lose both time and money and with sub-standard work on which you have to work again.

We save you the trouble of finding a good and expert proof reader who will do a perfect job for you. Once it is passed through our quality check, you can finalize it blindly. We understand the importance of proof reading so we do the work perfectly.

Whatever the kind of document, whatever the subject, we have experts at our end who are constantly engaged in the task. They have knowledge of the symbols and are well-trained in proof reading.

We are available at your fingertips because we work only online. So any time, round the clock, when you have something to be edited or proof read, just send us the soft copy and we will send it back, duly corrected and proof read, free from all errors. offers Proofreading Assignment Help, Proofreading Assignment Writing Help, Proofreading Assignment Tutors, Proofreading Solutions, Proofreading Answers, Academic Writing Assignment Experts Online. We offer excellent academic writing service or assignment help that makes a difference in your academic curriculum.

How will you approach us?

It is very simple. Just visit our website, register yourself by filling an online form and send us the documents with instructions. Make an online payment and mention your deadline. It's done. The completed work will be delivered to you before the deadline!!

Why choose us?

The most important reason for choosing us is that we appoint proof readers who have the same subject background as the topic of the document. For example, someone with a law degree will proof read a legal document for you. So he makes sure that the terminology is correct, the sentence construction is correct and the style is appropriate.

Another important reason is that you can trust us regarding the safety and security of your work. It is dangerous for an author to share a work of art that is yet to be publishes in his name, and for which he has not taken the copyright. But you can have complete faith in us and we will not disappoint you. We respect and value your work so you can be sure that it will never leak.

And we can give you assurance that work that is proof read by our experts do not need any more proof reading.

Of course, there are other advantages like timely delivery, quality work, and reasonable charges. So don't thinks twice. Give us an opportunity to serve you!!

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