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What is sociology?

A very simple definition of sociology is relating to society. Now, what is this? Relating to society? This is sociology takes into account society as whole, relationships between human beings, study of the social behavior of the society, challenges and problems faced by the society and their solutions.

Now, the next question is what is the importance of sociology? Sociology is a subject which helps the individual to understand how society works, how is the relation between Human societies, how the social system works. Sociology is also the study of   Understanding and planning of society, what are the social institutions and how human Beings are related to them and their behavior to those institutions and ultimately the Rise of problems and their solutions. Sociology does not only deal with social problems but also is contributing to enrich human culture. Sociology has changed our mindset in judging a crime, to understand the younger generation and their minds, to understand the Modern world and their solutions.  Sociology studies social institutions scientifically.

Sociologists analyze and review patterns of human behavior. They analyze the cause and effect of the happenings. Sociology is also focused on the interactions between Different social groups and their reactions in the society.

Before going to the difficulties faced by our students in dealing with sociological we have to know what the sociological problems are. A sociological problem is related To the society. Why do these problems arise? Because mainly some individuals cannot adjust in the society or they may be thought as undesirable (as in the words of Hitler ) in the society. Social issues can also be the source of conflicting opinions on the grounds of morally just personal life or social order. In a very easy way we can say that social issues to some extent have an adverse effect on the society and they also damage the society.

According to Horton and Leslie social problems are often defined as a condition which many people consider undesirable and wish to correct.  According to Fuler and Mayer "A social problem starts with the awakening of people in a given locality with the realization of certain cherished values that are threatened by the conditions which have become acute".

Early in the morning when we read the newspaper we find that the paper is full of social problems. Those problems include crime, violence, drug abuse, environmental problems related to marriage, dowry, divorce, problems related to valence issues, jobless problems, closure of company's etc.But, some problems can be solved but some cannot be solved. One, most important way to solve social problems is to study the behaviors of The people. As a teacher it is very much needed to teach students about the interventions with social and behavioral needs and how to solve the problems with other people.

But, one point is students face some difficulties in dealing with social problems. Why this Happens? This can happen may be a student is unaware of the society he/ she lives in or it can happen because they take things very casually. Now-a-days one mind set up of the present generation is they are not too much bothered about their society, their homes, their families etc. as they are very busy with themselves only.  This is one major reason for the students to face a hindrance in solving social problems. Other difficulty is they don't know the person next to them, If on the road a person meets any accident then the people on the road does not come forward to help him. Why this will happen?  The students are now-a-days showing their selfish nature which is making them face a problem in solving different issues. Besides also some rules and regulations, restrictions, are also causing hindrances for them to solve social problems.

Now, the question is what is social problem solving? It can be tracing the source of the problem and also understanding the problem, thinking out and evaluating the solutions and also enacting the solutions and also deciding the outcomes. Some skilled social problem solver can solve the problems without going into details. But, as an individual I feel that mind reading of the person who has committed a crime or a social problem created by an individual should be studied first. A person who has committed a crime like murderer theft or robbery first has to be analyzed why he or she is doing so. Whether the person has committed the crime just like that or he has any motive behind the crime committed. Studying human psychology should be understood at first. a person facing. Any problem in the society should be identified first and then should be dealt with great care.  Another important aspect of solving social problems is counseling that particular Person, making him/her understand how important he is in the society, how important is his contribution in the society as God has send us to this beautiful world with a very beautiful life. So, the present generation that changes your attitude and is more caring which will automatically reduce social problems and it will also show you the way.

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