completing an assessment of hunter college may not seem to a student as an easy task!

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Hunter College is one of the premier colleges founded in year 1870 affiliated to the University of New York; a US based public university, based in the Lenox Hill neighborhood of the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York City. The college offers over 100 + undergraduate and postgraduate programs across its five learning schools, out of which Hunter College High School and Hunter College Elementary School are well recognised. This college is well-recognised in world for producing two female Nobel laureates in the field of medicine.


Inspired by the verticals achieved by this college, every year students from all over the globe takes part in the admission process and enroll themselves in the courses of their choices, thereby, build their pathway to academic success. During this degree program, a student is expected to not only perform brilliantly in verbal knowledge, but is expected to perform equally well with their writing skills, which a benchmark to judge students' knowledge about the subject, capability to do research, analytical skills and the way of expressing the details in different manner. These assessments demands sincere efforts from the students in terms of possessing knowledge about the subject, a lot of time to pen down the research work done by the student , patience and reference to a number of sources.

Though these prerequisites in completing an assessment may seem to a reader as an easy task, but, in context to students, it is not that easy as it requires a lot of time to be devoted in completion of these assignments, which in the end puts student in undue pressure and ends up in affecting not only their grades but also, their health.  Some of the major issues faced by the students are namely,

  • Unavailability of proper time due to part-time jobs, research and other practical work
  • Unavailability of relevant resources to be referred before beginning the assignment work
  • Undue pressure of submitting the assignment within the deadline
  • Unclear about a particular topic or subject
  • Burden of completing large number of assignments, which are lengthy
  • Improper guidance from the tutor, professor or mentor
  • Failure to bring unique content in the assignments
  • Unable to focus over the assigned assignments due to past poor performance
  • Unattended classes due to sickness, lack of interest in the subject or poor time management
  • Not accustomed to writing as a result finding it difficult to pen down the knowledge in the mind

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Various Hunter College based courses and academic units for which we deliver assignment help services are mentioned below such as -

  • ACC 22500 - Survey of Accounting assignment help
  • ACC 23000 - Essentials of Business Law assignment help
  • ACC 27100 - Accounting I assignment help
  • ECO 30000 - Intermediate Microeconomics assignment help
  • ECO 30100 - Intermediate Macroeconomics assignment help
  • ECO 31000 - Financial Institutions assignment help
  • ECO 31500 - Public Finance assignment help
  • ECO 32100 - Introduction to Econometrics assignment help
  • ECO 33700 - Mathematical Foundations of Economics assignment help
  • CSCI 39300 - Independent Study in Computer Science assignment help
  • CSCI 39400 - Topics in Computer Science assignment help
  • CSCI 39500 - Topics in Computer Science assignment help
  • CSCI 40500 - Software Engineering assignment help
  • ACCP 47600 - Computer Accounting Systems assignment help
  • ACCP 48000 - Business Law III assignment help
  • ACCP 49000 - Accounting & Auditing Research assignment help

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