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Title: When Tiger-Parenting Becomes Necessary in Shaping the life of your Child


Introduction: What do we understand by the term tiger-parenting and where did this term originate from? How is it related to children's behavior? Well, tiger-parenting is essentially a form of strict parenting approach which was rampart in Asian countries, but is now adopted in various parts of the world. This parenting style employs harsh tactics such as force, fear, shame while also prioritizing on familial ties. While the negative effects of this parenting style have been widely studied discussed, the positive effects have been little explored. However, recent studies have confirmed that if used effectively, tiger parenting can nurture a positive outcome on children's behavior and performance.

Discussion 1: What you should know about tiger-parenting? 

Answer: The premise around tiger parenting is actually the focus of a parent or parents in ensuring that their children become the best and achieve the goals set for them (Chua, 2011). For example, a parent wishing her or his child to become a doctor may do everything necessary and take all possible measures to ensure that the goal is achieved, whether the child likes it or not. The said parent may employ a strict study program for the child, regulate leisure activities or monitor the time spent in studying and doing exercises to improve better performance (Santrock, 2008). According to Deater (2013) the exact logic behind tiger-parenting is that utilization of a strict approach in parenting instigates or propels a child to achieve high performance in such areas as academic, sports, talents or later practical life and professional success in their own life.

Discussion 2: The relationship between tiger-parenting and children's performance?

Answer: Can a strict form of parenting style really nurture positive behavior among children? You may ask. Well, according to Juang, Qin, and Park (2013), children reared through tiger parenting may develop psychological issues such as personality disorders, anxiety, depression or even poor social skills. However, according to studies, this is culturally depended and not all children that are brought up with this type develop these issues. In other words, the psychological disorders are not automatic (Kim, et al, 2013). On the other hand, evidence is rife that tiger parenting can make children more responsible, productive and motivated (Liu, 2013). Generally, it is agreeable that there is no parent who does not want the best from his or her child whether to succeed in academic, be employed in a good paying job, succeed in life and even be in a position to support the family. In this regard, tiger parenting will therefore inculcate hard working behavior among child while also teaching them that they are not supposed to quit until they reach a level they want to be.

Conclusion: This analysis showcases that the idea of tiger-parenting should not be dismissed as a poor or less effective method of parenting. Rather, it needs to be reevaluated, taking into account the pros and positive outcomes of the approach by those applying it. For instance, in Asian countries, it is common to see young children who have already become doctors, engineers, pilots, mechanics, drivers, artists, instrumentalists, sportsmen and men among others before even graduating from colleges. What this shows is that with appropriate guidance, it is possible to set a goal for your child or children and achieve it. The Chinese seems to embrace the idea of anybody can become anything if trained. The key point here is training to make someone achieve a skill/knowledge. Since the learning abilities of people are different, different levels of force need to be used to achieve this. Therefore, it is justifiable for parents to become strict in an endeavor to ensure that their children excel in the current day's competitive global economy.


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