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The Progress of Social Change for Equality Assignment Help

Throughout the course, you have examined a variety of concepts and analyzed how they influence and/or relate to racial and ethnic identity. Last week, you specifically considered the challenge of racial and ethnic inequality in health care, an issue that many might say calls for social change. In August 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. addressed racial and ethnic inequality when he shared his dream for social change that would result in the abolition of inequality in America. His speech, though directed at African American inequalities, inspired the dream of equality for all racial and ethnic groups. Now, years after his landmark speech, you might ask: How much or little progress has been made toward realizing Dr. King''s dream of racial and ethnic equality? In answering this question for yourself, think about the concepts that you encountered in this course and how they may have contributed to social change—that is, greater equality for racial and ethnic minorities—or how they may have detracted from equality for racial and ethnic minorities.

Consider whether you think that progress has been made toward realizing Martin Luther King Jr.''s dream, specifically social change as represented by greater racial and ethnic equality.

Review the following concepts and issues covered in this course: constructionism, social class, covering, passing, privilege, stigma, objectification, oppositional identity, aversive racism, and assimilation.

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Martin Luther King’s I have a dream discusses the need to acknowledge civil rights for Africans and put an end to racism in America. After this speech, there were several positive impacts noted in this developed country. I have chosen two concepts – privilege and stigma. 
When it comes to privilege, African Americans were denied of voting powers for decades. After the speech, American government declared the right to vote for African Americans and also passed a law titled the voting rights act. This act also influenced the housing facility for African Americans and reduced the oppression that people form this race had to face and remain homeless in the society. This is a significant growth that has also contributed to better privileges and civil rights to African Americans (Wapshott, 2013). Though they are not equal to what Americans enjoy in the country, there is still scope for progress in the near future. 
The second concept where I saw a massive change in the society is stigma. All these years, people used names to call African Americans and they were also stereotyped to be rude, aggressive and lacked potential. With the talk of Martin Luther King, discrimination was abolished to a certain extent that institutions opened doors to African Americans. In the present world, African Americans are highly welcomed by educational institutions to pursue higher studies and there are also social support groups meant to enhance their quality of lives. 
From violent activities performed against Blacks, King’s speech has changed the perception and encouraged the country to involve in nonviolence to share their thoughts and opinions (Wapshott, 2013). This aspect reduced stigma and over the years, there is scope for further inclusiveness in the society in America as well as around the world. 

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