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Humn4008 Dimensions of Negotiation Assignment Help

Creat a brief description of the conflict that you selected. Then describe one of the negotiation approaches, and explain how and why you might use it to resolve the conflict. Briefly describe any core emotional concerns that you think would need to be taken into account and explain how and why addressing them might help to resolve the conflict.

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The conflicts selected are at the workplace conflicts and it is on the basis of the misunderstanding. The negotiation approaches selected in such an approach is of the appreciation, During the stages of the conflict often the problem arises in between the listener and the speaker, the strategy of the negotiation would be focused on the win-win approach and for it, it is best recommended to apply an appreciation negotiation technique. It would be duly noted to appreciate the speaker of well presenting the facts and the listener who is actively listening, but the issue of the conflict is of the misunderstanding can be due to the ego or the power hassles (Brooks, 2015).

Conflict arises when there is an issue of the power and the ego, which in return leads to a chaotic situation and can lead to unreasonable issues. It is best advised to step up and bring harmony by having a quick one to one interaction and discussing what when wrong. Instead of blaming the parties and also unreasonably expecting out of both parties, it is best advised to use the approach of the negotiation of appreciation. It would help in the contentment and a swift response to resolve the matter. This would help in the smooth base of interaction and would keep the things transparent. The problem arises, when one uses a persuasive communication or argumentative and keep on persistently putting their views on the others. Through the negotiation technique of the appreciation, it would make the aggressive or the persuasive person to relax and think twice before concluding the effects on the person.  It would be best advised to create a peace and harmony issues, after which both the parties can present their views and how best it would be integrated with the appreciation technique, can make the situation numb and less reactive or volatile (Fisher, 2006).

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