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How Drug Companies Keep Medicine Out of Reach?

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In the article first "How Drug Companies Keep Medicine Out of Reach"

In this article, the author has briefly evaluated the promise of delinking research along with building a protocol of the development with respect to the actual manufacture of drugs. It can be a pragmatic view of why the pharmaceutical industry needs to also rejects an idea which would be added advantage tool for the neglected diseases into profit (Till, 2015). As such for almost decade, and to have a fair overview of the United States it needs s to take concrete steps into the securing precautionary steps to the way of an idea which can help in securing the cures with respect to the world's most devastating illnesses. Under this, the class of the maladies that considers the neglected diseases, which can belong to the exclusively that tends to affect the developing world. Under this, it is important to also include all the factors which are precedent to the influence of the affluent nations with respect to the pharmaceutical industry that can channelize into the critical innovations and also secure a free market that can also build on the steps to produce - such as the new antibiotics,

Under this, it would lead to building and securing the judicious concern which would help in the attainment of unlikely to be wildly profitable. Under this World Health Organization (WHO) has also analyzed the languished for years that fall into the amid bureaucratic tumult which can cause a "good enough to be dangerous," under the working of the one person close to the negotiations. With this, there is also an opposition of views which would likely benefit and can result with the respect of the status quo along with the building of the pharmaceutical giants and prviding inbuilt support ot the nations that claim them. This is part of the precedent idea along with the competing paradigm. Under the Obama administration, this has resulted in the funding from the future and is securing by procuring the $200,000 drugs from the pharmaceutical industry.

Under the Bill Gates administration, it would also help in channelizing the " malaria vaccine that can work per the humanist terms, and under the trend of the biggest need, which would essentially get no virtual support or no funding. As such, there is another research funding process such as the cure of the male baldness which can be done through the magnitude of the matter. Under the research-based pharmaceutical companies would always be keen to secure lucrative products rather than supporting the globally poor and to provide a vaccine which would not be profitable from the future point of view. As such under the WHO there has been so far 17 such diseases which have been neglected and be considered to be part of either type III or neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). This is under the edge on biblical and considered to be horror.

Article 2-: Patently Reasonable

In this article, the author has included India's Supreme Court ruling which is against Big Pharma along with the country's generic drug companies. In the end, the article tries to understand who is actually winning through this. Under the Swiss pharmaceutical firm Novartis that has lost its long court battle in India due to the direct ruling from the highest court which has favorably allowed India to secure the miracle drug. Under this case, the Indian SC has rejected the pleas as applied by the global company Novartis that had to step into to secure patent protection with respect to the drug Gleevec. This drug is also a "miracle drug" for patients who are suffering from leukemia. As such the Indian companies would also have to exercise free control over to replicate, make it and also take steps to distribute low-cost versions with respect to the drug. As such within the Indian population, there are approximately 300,000-of the Indian patients who have been using the Gleevec. As such the case of the Novartis has been rejected who wanted to patent the drug which is widely sold by the leukemia patients in India. This has been a continuously legal battle under the secured legal point of view.

If the company would have created a stir by doing patent protection of the miracle drug it would have only resulted in the restricted sale, black marketing and also would have included many small or the domestic companies to produce a similar poor replica of the drugs (Kennedy, 2013). It would have only caused more issues such as the overpricing of the drugs and the patients would have not been able to secure such drugs. Additionally, other companies would have stepped in to also procure their own patent protection related to their drugs. Here the companies like Novartis are at loss, but most of the research and development are funded by the government. So the subsidies going for the funding and producing the R&D or it goes in subsidized the patent drug, by procuring and selling to poor patients is the same thing. ultimately the government is saving its position from the patent protection of the drugs.

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