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Case Study:Steeped Tea Dragon Den Assignment Help

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1: How would you describe the culture of “Steeped Tea dragons” and what was it about the culture that attracted the dragons to invest in it?

As per case study, the steeped tea dragon started with a tea-party and the first party only gave chances for the other tea-parties. So Tonia started with the direct sales and close friends, whereas she executed a sales model whereas she got many consultants and the most important part was the “flexible time” and their sales model states that consultant do not have to possess any specific qualification as they just have to purchase a kit of 99 dollars and can start selling. As this was the catch, that’s why investors (dragons) were interested in the Steeped Tea Dragons and found this very convenient where they can give time whenever they want and can earn. (Kinicki, Fugate & Digby, 2016)

2: Does organizational culture helps to grow steeped tea so quickly? Explain your answer. Click the link for your reference:

Yes, organizational culture where Tonia used the sales model for the women or the young mothers where they can arrange tea home parties worked positively and it helped the steeped tea organization to grow so quickly. In this case, the model was so successful that Tonia decided to work with same model with other consultants too. In this case, investors Jim Treliving and David Chillton acknowledged the 1475 % growth in initial 3 years whereas employees reached to 54 and revenue reached to $20 million. They also maintained strong commitments with the consultants and investors and quickly they also entered in the U.S. market too. ("Steeped Tea", 2019)

3: Consider the cultural differences between steeped tea and your previous organization ( or the one you familiar with). Do you think it requires some changes? Why or why not? What’s your process to change the culture of your organization?

I believe that stepped tea is different and unique. In organization (General Electronics) which I am familiar with has different organizational culture where employees give their full time and follow the company’s policies, rules and regulations. Steeped Tea gives the independence to its consultants and chance to work as per their requirements. No, I don’t think company’s need any culture change as it works on different values and culture and follow as per their requirement. As per my knowledge, if we have to bring change in our organization then it depends on belief and behaviour change. Employees should clearly comprehend what are company’s expectations and how they have to process change. Usage of training, proper communication channels, keeping all the workers informed, mentoring, team meetings helps in the bringing change in the organization. (Heathfield, 2019)

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