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Advocating For Social Change Assignment Help

Post a description of the racial or ethnic issue for which you might advocate and explain why this issue is important to you. Explain how you would advocate for your issue, including the strategies you might use to advocate for it. Be specific. Also, articulate one main talking point that you might use to advocate for your cause.

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One of the racial issues that I prefer advocating is discrimination faced by Blacks in developed countries. Though times have changed and organizations have taken progressive effort to include African Americans in their environments, there is still a need to eliminate the stereotypes and the ground roots that promote stigmas and conventional stereotypes. Advocacy is the key to push people to enter into action mode and build communities that are friendly to people from various ethnic and racial backgrounds. 

Personal influence and persuasion are the ideal tools to advocate change among the audience. It is essential for people to gain hands-on experience on the emotions and attitudes of public against African Americans that can harm the relationships and create further enmity (Racial Equity Tools, 2019). I would certainly persuade social groups to educate the public about the illogical perceptions and the positive aspects of African Americans. There are two aspects to be considered when it comes to strategies required to advocate for change. 

In the short term, it is crucial to persuade individuals to understand each other and build a friendly environment. This is feasible with motivation and personal influences of each other. In the long term, the advocacy strategy will highlight the institutional and individual instances of discrimination that tend to affect the intergroup relations (Teaching Tolerance, 2019). When more forces join together and understand the power differences, the tensions between the groups reduce to greater extents. Subsequently, the values of multicultural and bicultural identities in the nation will also be shared to the individuals as well as groups. This strategy aims to bring the white and Black cultures one step closer. 

Throughout this plan, I would advocate for avoidance of discrimination at societal, institutional and state levels. These can lead to massive changes in the future. 

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