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SUS-Power Cooling Technology Assignment Help

Do a research about sus-power cooling for greenhouse precisely on agriculture, positive and negative, deep understating about this product, works in UAE.

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SUS-Power Cooling Technology


Sus-power cooling technology (Suspower, 2019) is an innovative cooling solution and can find applications in numerous applications in daily life. The technology is very cheaper and it is possible to employ this technology for several residential as well as commercial applications. The technology is very simple and will contain just few elements to enable the hot and cold fluid flows. When the tubes mounted are located parallel to each other, the heat transmission from the hot fluid to the cold fluid can occur more conveniently in convective heat transfer mode. During the heat transfer process the heat transfer coefficients of the tubes and the materials involved in the heat transfer process and the distance between the heat transfer elements are designed in such a way that there can be effective heat transfer with very negligible heat loss during the process. Hence it is a two advantageous at the outset, it is effective in terms of the heat transfer and secondly the total cost involved in the making the equipment is less and so is competitive and cost effective too. For large scale applications it can be employed with much less cost. The following part of the write-up discusses in more detail the advantages and disadvantages of the technology and more specifically the application of the same will be discussed in the context of the agricultural applications. Also there is discussion made on the applicability of the product in UAE climatic conditions and remarks are made regarding the versatility of the product.

Sus-power Cooling technology and principle of working:

? Though in principle sus-power cooling technology works on the same principle of heat transfer, actually there is more heat transfer area provided for heat transfer in this technology when compared with the traditional heat transfer mechanism, There will be more time available for heat transfer for the same volume flow rates of the cold and hot fluid substances. Also the compact sizes of the new technology will enable fixing of the entire heat transfer system in small region of space. The following diagram(fig-1) depicts the difference between the conventional heat transfer system and the sus-power heat transfer system.

Untitled picture.pngMerits/Advantages:

? Principally there is no application of any massive rotational elements in the system and hence there is absolutely no noise and hence the system is also called as silent cooling system. This feature will enable the usage of the system where more silence and decency is needed in the application of the technology.

? In the regions where there will be problem of dew point, the water condensation and falling from the ceiling can be a problem and hence most of the traditional cooling systems will not help in such situations. But the Sus-power cooling system can be of good use in such locations.

? The cooling capacities are also commendable for the current technology, just with small difference in temperatures between the hot and the cold fluids, several wattage of cooling can be obtained with ease in the application of these technology. Following is a typical diagram which depicts the amount of heat transfers (cooling capacities possible with little temperature difference between the two fluids).


Untitled picture.png

Construction and working principle: The technology employs both the mat type of closed loops where in the heat transfer can happen from the hot fluid to the cold fluid in the mats for better and effective heat transfer. At the same time in the applications of the shaft like heat transfer units the heat transfer can happen in a close constructions where in the heat transfer can happen from the liquid to the air/gas medium in a compact shapes. The technology is easy to prepare as well is easy to install as well. Since the medium of heat transfer at the final end is air, the circulation of the air can let the fluid reach at all the corners of the application region like ware houses or the commerical building. Unlike traditional system there wont be any problem in getting the heat transfer efficiencies in these devices. There is assured larger heat transfer areas as well the time of travel will be sufficiently larger to let the heat transfer to happen conveniently. Such heat transfer process will let the fluid get all the heat transfer in less time and more effectivley as well. Due to unique design and increased Heat capacities, it is possible to get on more and more heat transfers even with less differnece in temperatures between the cold and hot fluids. This is particularly useful to reduce the operating costs in the primary refrigerant side. As there is no need to cool to very low temperatuures, the operating overheads in the primary cooling sides will be less. The overall operating costs will also gets down.

? Applications of the technology are vast; it is very much useful for applications like cooling ceilings where the dew point problems are always present. It is also equally versatile to employ for meeting the peak cooling load requirements where in the base cooling load is not suitable to meet the operational requirements of the location. All these principles can be of use in cold storage requirements for agricultural products as well(Andrews,2009).

? Applications like animal husbandry, storage rooms, production facilities etc can be subjected to sus-power cooling technology with quite a good convenience.

? The technology can be of good usage in cold storage applications, where the agricultural products will be stored and preserved for long term application requirements.


? The inherent disadvantage lies in the locations where there is no fresh and decent air is available for circulation. The dust and other impurities in the circulating air can be of problem to the occupants or the contents, if fresh air is not available in the region (Brincat et al. 016). Air filtration and related processes will consume additional power in the process.

? The technology as is based on circulation of cold fluid like air, there will be limitations in application of the technology for focussed applications like warehouses demanding very cool temperatures, where the temperatures expected are very low. For normal circumstances they can be used without any complications(Sethi & Sharma,2007).

? The principle technology can be of use only in the cases, where the ultimate requirement is only to use the technology for comfortable temperature applications as well for applications needing only reasonable temperatures in the cold storage applications.
Application of the technology for UAE: (Green houses and related applications)

• UAE is a unique country located at high temperature zone and hence a cost effective solution for cooling can be of good usage. When it is required to cool massive constructions like malls and shopping malls, traditional cooling technologies do demand for high capital investment and also requires more and more maintenance. However the current proposed technology is cost effective and also can be employed with very less maintenance requirements (Calautit et al., 2017).

• In UAE conditions year round cooling of the buildings can be provided with this technology. Further de-humidification in the air cooling process will provide distilled water which can be of use for feeding the plants.

• Applications in green houses will work on to provide cooled air as well humidified water for the plant growth.

• Also the application can be of good use in the swimming pools cooling process.

• There are several plants does not find right climate for growth in UAE conditions and the technology can be of use to provide cooled atmosphere for their growth as well will provide also about 40 litres of cooling water per day from each container.

• The technology can be of good use for providing comfortable temperature in the Equestrian and stable animal houses in UAE.

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