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Workplace and HR Practices Case Study Assignment Help

1-Outline the four criteria for resources within the RBV. Give two examples of each criterion?

2-What do you consider to be the main contribution of the RBV in its application to the field of SHRM? To what extent does the RBV represent an advance on the 'best fie and 'best practice' approaches outlined?

3- What are the shortcomings of the RBV?

4- To what extent do some of the ideas proposed for extending the RBV help to move us towards a fundamental framework for understanding SHRM?

5- If you were an FIR director, what lessons would you take away from the RBV that could be applied in the workplace?

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(i) Carlsberg HR Priorities:

Oveview of Carlsberg(Background):

The Carlsberge group is based in Copenhagen(Denmark), founded in the year 1847. As of now the company employs about 41,000 employees and it has about 500 differnet beer brands. The first international brewary is started in Malawi in 1968. There is no much sustainable success achieved by the company duirng this time, the company got mergered with Norweignian group in 2001. Subsequently several takeovers taken up by the company in UK, Russia. Greece, China, France Etc. By that time the company reached the fourth place in the world. In 2002, the company CEO launched the mustwin battles strategy, which consists of the following, As inidcated by the firm managemnet Wining culture is the proposed new strategy initiative, however there are objectives put before by Danish participants as they felt that the word wining culture will not fit their current working culture. In 2009, the winning cultures was modified by the senior staff from the merger companies to formulate what is wining behaviours concept. The key concepts of the belief are as follows,
To summarize all these aspects the strategic HR priorities pursued by Carlberg include the following,

- HR wanted to provide an indication and morale booster to all the stakeholders of Carlburg accomplices and subsdiaries that they can be stronger when together.

- Further the vision of the company is transmitted to employee in the form of striving and commitment to win.

- There is commitment of the organization to inform all the stakeholders that the customers are at the heart of every decision that we take.

- Carlsburg wanted to let the people believe that they are empowered to bring out the change.

- Wining behaviours attitude is formulated with a vision to mix the international strategy with the local values and beliefs.

- CSR and responsibility is to be fused into the operational characteristics of the company.

- Further the company wanted to improve the people's capacities and capabiliteis to develop a profitablity oriented culture in the organization.

(ii) Rationale for implementing the winning Behaviours strategy

Winning Culture is not acutually received comfortably by all the accompanies of Carlberg in the global context. Particular Danish peers opposed this as they did not feel it comfortable with their local culture. In this connection to form a uniform vision and culture across all its operating points, Carlsberg proposed this winning Behavrious culture. Winning Behaviours culture is a glocal culture(Hartman,2017), which is a combinaiton of the global and local cultures. Global culture is all about the global vision and global direction of strategy, where as its infusion with local norms, beliefs and culture will form infusion into the local mix. This provide a unity of action for all the people of the company. This is the rationale behind floating winning behaviours culture by the company. Unlike winning culture, winning behaviours culture will be accepted by all the accomplices of the company.

- Winning Culture is more of carlsberg vision oriented. It is more specific to achieve the final outcomes of the company. Winning Behavioural strategy is more concerned with the local concerns and it has much to do with the improvement and integration of the local concerns in the main stream operations of the company. Glocal vision an integration of the local concerns with the global vision can be achieved only with the Winning Behavioural strategies(Hatch et al.,2015).

(iii) Winning Behaviour strategy of Carlsberg and its alignment with other HR practices.

There is much to do with the alignment of the winning Behaviour strategy of Carlsberg with other HR practices of the company. Wininng Behaviour strategy is aimed at empowering all the people to get a belief that they is belongingness and unity in them. This is a indicaton of the conisdering equity. Also the infusion of the Global vision of winning strategies with local customs is tolerance of diversity and provision of diversity to all the people. When people are provided with a vision to mix rightly the workforce planning and development as in the example of Malaysia where in the FAST exercises are mixed with glocal vision of wining behaviours., workforce were planned to understand how it materialized into fast, ambitious, smart team. The inherent vision and its alignment with the local values is part of the planning for the workforce motivation and development. Social repsonsibility of the companies is materialiazed by working to integrate the company vision towards responsibility by linking volunteering work of the company with its core functionalities.Such integration worked on to project the interests of the company as a corporate social responsibility company. Also work - life balance of the people of the company is assured by linking the operational strategy with the local traditions and customs. Employees are availed of leaves as per the local cultural features. This enabled employees to feel that their work -life is balanced and they are doing well accordingly(Meyer & Peng,2016).

- Winning Culture focusses only on the end results of carlsberg and has no consideration to the actual strategies the company will employ for the sake of obtaining the final outcomes. However the modified winning behaviours of the company will work for betterment of the organizational outcomes with consideration to vareity of HR aspects. Notable of them are the equal consideration to the people at all levels like providing them the necessary weightage at both the local and the international levels. People at the local levels will be provided with the same preference when compared with the international layers. Both their considerations will be equally considered and formulated as unified directives in running the carlberg operations at ground level(Drury et al.,2015).

- Equity and Diversity will be valued in execution of the organizational HR and other policies. Workforce planning and development will be free from any type of discrimination in terms of the racial differences, ethnic differences etc(Poulsen,2016).

- Strategies of work assignments, work based promotions, strategy formulation etc can be made independent of any type of ethnic biases and discrimination.

- Employees can be provided with opportunities for work-life balance by restricting the working hours and providing cultural inteactions with the core teams and providing opportunities for growth and familiy recreation(Soderberg,2015).

- Winning Behaviours can incldue each of the above elemnets in its operaitonal strategy and they can be integrated to achieve the final objectives by the company(Grunig & Morschett,2017).

(iv) Malaysia is a muslim country and islam is its state religion(Arshad et al.,2015).

There is different ethnics exisitng in the country. The predominant cultures( Chinese, Malay and Indian) are different from the central cultures of the company and hence there is difficulty for the people to understand the spirit of the strategy. The language is also different. People have difficulty in understanidng the language of the wining behavious. There is difficulty in understanding the winning behaviours in the local languages of the people. Also there is problem with advertisign the product. There is no permission for advertising the alcohol proudcts in the country and hence it became difficult to advertise the beer products in the country. Another problem is from financial fronts. The taxation on alchohol products like beer is quite high in Malaysia and this is severely impacting the revenue scale of the company. These are some of the difficulties the company is faced while implementing the strategies in the country.

- There is always difficulty in making the people come for a common cause. Due to diversity and the differences in the opinions and the customs, always there is difficulty in bringing out a vision of common group culture in Malaysia(Romani,2014).

- For developing the brand and growing the same, there are difficulties in terms of developing a common outlook as well there are also difficulties as per the relgious barriers in the country for alchohol products(Al-Ansari et al.,2016).

- People capabilties can be developed, however differences in the langauges, cultures are inhibiting the learning capacity of the people.

- The taxation structure is detrimental for the company to take up innovation in products and for betterment of the promotion in the country.

(V) Winning behaviour strategy in essence is quite impactful and bringout the change in the local perspectives.

Australia like country has strong local feelings. The strong aborginail cultulral attachments and the related norms makes up the main spirit of the people in the country. Hence any strategy, which is executed with keen focus on the local norms and the customs can be of much use to the company. Glocal vison of the winning behaviours can include these traits in the company strategy. Typical measures like training the local managers and the people with international outlook as well providing them orientation towards international strategy of the company(Lasserre,2017) will provide good outcomes to the company. Further there is no any specific restrictions in the brand or the product in Australia like in other countries like Malaysia, So it is possible for the Carlsberg to better outreach the customers. Also they can focus on more number of communication channels and media procedures to better reach the customers as such as there are no restrictions on the advertisments by federal policies. Also Australia has no such heavy taxation structure discriminating the alchohol products and so the company can make use of innovation in the products policy, can generate more products as the overall products expenses are less in terms of the taxation overheads. Winning behaviours strategy can mainly include the strategty of incorporating the social responsibility as part of its CSR. The company can include as part of its strategy, social responsility initiatives, typically it can work on to uplift the society quality of living through its socially responsible iniatives. There are variety of concerns which the company can focus on. Some of them like taking care of health and educaation in the rural and underpoverty regions, Working for enabling safe drinking water in the remote locations, working for betterment of educational knowledge sharing and other related aspects will benefit the organization in terms of brand image development. Also the company can enable strategies to improve the skills of the people in the domains of the art of living, improving the quality of relationships, social skills etc. All these aspects will work on to improve the overall compassion, harmony and healthy relationship of the employees with each other and with customers as well. All these aspects can work for betterment of the organizational effectiveness and functionality overall(Migliaccio,2018).

- As a part of the strategy the company can work on to promote a vision that all the people are equal and they bring out the common vision that we are all stronger and can proceed together much vehemently.

- It is possible for the company to bring out the spirits by training that we want to win.

- Carlsberg can work on develop all the strategies and market policies keeping in mind that only customers and the consumers are the main apsects of the strategy, it will be possible to mold the strategies taking into consideration the interests of the Australians.

- People can be empowered to make the difference(Rao,2016), employees can be provided with more autonomy for taking up the strategies, propose the strategies, better participation and owner ship etc.

- Corporate social responsibility can be improved by developing community partnership and to develop the same with the vision of Glocal strategy(Anderson,2017).

- Developing inhouse leadership competency by range of workshops and the training camps will enable the better capacities in the organization and can work on to sustain the spirits of Winning behaviours. gives accountability of your time and Money – Avail TOP results originated XXXX assignment help services at best rates!

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