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Why is addiction treated as a crime rather than a disease in the criminal justice system?

Discuss why, despite the dangers of overly diagnosing a certain category, biosocialtheories still show great promise in dealing with substance abuse problems and the development of prevention and treatment programs? Why is addiction treated as a crime rather than a disease in the criminal justice system?

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The role of biology plays with accuse to crime and other maladaptive behaviors along with racism. In the late 19th and early 20th century, biological crime hindrance highlighted the use of eugenics. Recently biosocial criminology has come up to an attempted to understand human behaviors as assemble of biological and social authority. The large part of the historical heritage of the biological theories and their connotations, sociological receptiveness criminologists have not temperate to line of work. The most contentious in biosocial criminology is the idea that crime is hereditary. Many attempts were taken to identify the biological determinants of crime and violence. Biological theories drawback to Lombroso that vary the amount of determination built in. A born criminal is always going to do odd in the society, so modern theories try to establish link things like IQ, testosterone and offense. Some traditional theories state that society is limited in its retort to offenders. We need to control offender then we can go for treatment, medication, and rehabilitation program. We can keep the offender separated from the wide society(Morse et al 2016).

There is increasing evidence of treating disease of brain; most of them do not receive treatment properly. Participation in the criminal justice often leads to illegal drug- seeking behaviour and involvement. Treating drug-involved provides exceptional opportunity to decrease substance abuse and diminish correlate criminal behaviour. Emerging neuroscience also has a potential to safety approaches strategies.

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