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Exchange-Traded Funds Assignment Help

a. What are the advantages of an exchange-traded funds (ETF) to mutual funds and closed end investment companies?

b. (1) Elaborate on the concept of mutual fund mortality 

    (2) What is the diferrence between primary and secondary market?

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There are several advantages of exchange-traded funds (ETF) to mutual funds and closed-end investment companies. First of all, ETFs have a higher degree of simplicity associated with them. One can buy and sell ETFs at one price and with one easy transaction. However, in the case of mutual funds, shares in the assets are constantly being traded, and these multiple trades result in multiple prices leading to multiple fees and commissions. Secondly, ETFs are more cost-effective than mutual funds and closed-end schemes. This is because, in the case of mutual funds and closed-end schemes, management fees are often high as the funds have to be actively managed. This is not so the case with ETFs, which involves one simple transaction. This leads to lower fees and commissions in case of ETFs.


Mutual Fund mortality has two parts, one is mutual funds, and the other is mortality. Mutual fund means it is a professionally managed investment fund that pools money from many investors to purchase securities. Mortality means no one can live forever. Mutual Fund Mortality means in the event of death, units usually gets transferred to the registered nominee, and if the mutual fund has many holders, the units are transferred to surviving holder. If the investor has multiple nominees, then each nominee will be assigned the per cent of fund units according to the intent of the original deceased investor.

Further, if the registration of No-nominee has not been done, then the legal successor of the deceased investor can claim the units of producing required documents and providing heirship.

Primary Market is basically that market wherein the new stocks or debentures or bonds are first issued to the investors by the company/companies. When the company go for IPO, they first go to the primary market for issuing their shares and stocks, while, on the other hand, Secondary market is that market wherein the shares/ debentures and bonds are traded once they are introduced to the investors. It is that market wherein the stocks, bonds and debentures are bought and sold after they are introduced by the company to the investors.

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