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SBM3204 - Sustainability and Ethics Assignment - Asia Pacific International College, Australia

Task - Provide a self - reflection report on own learning that includes narrative and critical analytical thinking.


1. Demonstrate an understanding on regulations, the law and business ethics in organisations.

From the learning activities, I have understood various aspects of business law, ethics and regulations along with the roles of ethics in businesses and responsibilities as a manager. Initially, I have been introduced with the how business laws and ethics work in an organization or what are the roles of business law and ethics. I have acknowledged the fact that business laws and ethical principles help organizations in setting rules for various commercial activities. For instance, the minimum standards of behaviour expected form the businesses and sole proprietorships. On the other hand, issues related to legalizing the business ethics have been introduced to us. For instance, it has been understood that due to some of the Wall Street scandals in the 2000's, regulations such as "Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002" were legalized to provide ethical responsibility for corporate economic behaviours.

On the other hand, I have understood that corporate business responsibilities have impact on the small and large companies around the world. For instance, a business owner of a chemical or any other company requires to articulate specific dangers to the community during explosions or damages occurrence. There rules and standards are not always same with every industry. They vary form industry to industry. However, certain safety standards should be followed by all the businesses around the globe for the community and employees working with them. Additionally, I have understood that managers are accountable for understanding codes of conduct, codes of ethics and other set of regulations to achieve and keep tracks of associated certification resting out the rules and outlooks of ethical behaviours in an organization. From the learning activities, it has been understood that unethical activities could affect the stakeholders. For example, an organization, which unethically disposes the waste products is negatively impacting its secondary stakeholders like environmental groups and society.

2. Demonstrate an understanding of the organisational values that support ethical decision making.

In the next learning activity, I have come across the relationship with organizational values and ethical decisions. In this learning phrase, I have understood what are the core values that organizations should follow and how leaders can imply and retain ethical decisions in a company. The significance of organizational values could be defined as efficacy without values is a process without a purpose. It has been understood that purposelessness techniques or ways are worthless and so is an organization devoid an ethical culture, which is developed based on the main principles. Organizational values, as per my understanding, serve continuously and guide workers and organization in attaining their mutual objectives, in a way, which is dependent on ideological and ethical frameworks. The core organizational values that have been understood are described below;


The first ethical value in ethical behaviour is application of integrity and ethics. These two principles guide organizations to do business in a responsible, ethical and legal way. the second ethical value is respect. I have understood that, employees are the most valuable assets of a company. Therefore, an organizational management has the responsibility to show respect to their workers. On the other hand, companies must focus on developing their business with innovation not imitation. Ethical and effective drive should be offered to the workers in which they could exercise their potentials and skills.

The last important thing I have learnt form the learning activity is leader's role in ethical decision-making process. For most of the organizational leaders, making ethical judgements could be bestow as a goal. I believe that this is not true in various cases. Leaders should ensure ethical behaviours and decisions for the development of their companies. identifying that not all ways are ethical, one's moral principles act as a motivator for the behaviour and decision-making. Thus, ethics and values do act as a major actor in organizational decisions.

3. Evaluate the implications of social and public pressure for ethical behaviour in organisations.

Through learning social and public pressures for the ethical decision-making and behaviours in companies, I have understood that macro social pressures have become a main driver in business ethics. This is specifically true for small organizations doing business in smaller communities. For instance, in the 21st century, organizational ethics have widened to involve more productive efforts to the effective citizenship as well as honest organizational operations. I have acknowledged that it is solely based on societal rules and expectations, which organizations confronted with demands for honest and respected treatments of consumers, community involvement and various voluntary giving and others for workers and environmentally sustainable business processes. Another thing I have noticed during my learning is that in the modern age of business come of the organizations have incorporate social responsibilities in their organizational objectives as a process of distinguishing themselves form the others in the competitive market environment. For instance, Ben & Jerry's products and IKEA in furniture retailing are two of the prominent ones. These organizations must to be socially responsible for avoiding all the public pressures.

This unit learning has widened my understanding in the area that social boycotts also have pressure on the ethical behaviours of organizations. One of the processes communities could apply social pressures to impact on companies' ethical activities is by protesting them. leveraging the capability to rally quickly, social groups and public pressures have been capable to arrange boycotts in several circumstances to compel organizations to reconsider their environmental and social decisions. For instance, some of the organizations have altered or modified specific operations to better preserve the environmental based on pressures form the social watch groups and public in total. I have understood that various communities often pressurized organizations to offer economically and otherwise to the populations for whom they drive their income. It makes organizations to get included in education and other remarkable social operations, which they could promote.


4. Identify and respond to ethical dilemmas that threaten the organisation and industry.

I have acknowledged six types of ethical dilemmas that organizations face in dealing with employees, organizational processes and ethical decision-making process. These six ethical dilemmas are handling employee performance issues, inappropriate accounting for sales, conflicting consumers' interests, what facts to be delivered to the finance manager and projecting unreasonable expectations on and employee, and controlling economic interests.

These above-mentioned ethical dilemmas have different ways to be controlled. As per my knowledge it is understood that ethical dilemma related to the performance management of employees could be handled with some specific measures. For instance, checking the necessary facts and clarifying staff processes with the professional departments along with taking legal advices if needed could be followed. On the other hand, in case of inappropriate accounting for sales the management or leader should brought the issue to the attention of the stakeholders and achieve the related details of client's systems for accounting for employee sales. Conflicting clients' interest could be controlled by disclosing to the director of former organization any private facts achieved from the contracted organization. Otherwise, one might apply the fact for advantage of contracted company.

As per my personal understanding, the fourth ethical dilemma could be resolved through taking care of decisions during on the telephonic communication with the finance director. If important, one should articulate when the report would be presented and at the end it could be possible that call form the director back later, even though that suggest interrupting the meeting. An employee should explain to the manager about insufficiencies and less experiences to finish a work if the expectations putted on is too much on an employee. Though, one could underline a constructive attitude and outline how the problems might be solved. Lastly, in case of controlling economic interests, manager requires to make sure that the audit is attained objectively and reasonable third party will conclude those objectively has been effectively protected.

5. Promote an organisation's corporate responsibility through values internally and to stakeholders in the media.

In the learning activities about promoting corporate social responsibilities by values internally and stakeholders in the media, I have understood effectively two different areas. The first being ways of promoting corporate social responsibilities for organizations and the second is roles and responsibilities of stakeholders in corporate social responsibility building and maintaining.

I have come to know that developing numbers of research projects and surveys underline effective connection among a company's CSR operations and developments in an organization's fundamental performance drivers like market positions, employment, competitiveness and risk management. On the other hand, HR department in a company also shares the lead in attaining and delivering the organization's approaches to CSR. Additionally, it has been understood that promotion of corporate social responsibility would involve conduction of extensive and continuous researches on the concepts of CSR. For instance, World Business Council for Sustainable Development and Global Reporting Initiative (www.globalreporting.org) are two important research sources. Keeping track of all possible costs and communicating to each involved person are the other steps in promoting CSR policies. On the other hand, I have understood that from ad-hoc groups to agree on how effective to be properly socially responsible with the resources exist. Offering them responsibilities to sort out the ways would be a wise decision.

I have learnt that workers' and the people are acknowledged to be the impactful stakeholders in corporate social responsibility and decision-making process. There were instances of effective relationship among the corporate social responsibility construction and reputation that in turn impacted marker shares, but not the organizational profitability.


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