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Electronic Health Records Assignment Help.

As the manager of the CTU Health Care information systems department, you are aware of the meaningful use core measure standards that all eligible professionals (EPs) and health care organizations (HCOs) must meet to receive monetary incentives set forth by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. 

To meet the HITECH meaningful use core measures, EPs and HCOs must implement certified electronic health records (EHRs) to gain incentives. To meet the criteria for meaningful use all EPs and HCOs must implement certified EHR.
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Electronic Health Records 


The report includesthe discussion on the CTU Health Care Information System where the awareness is about the core measures that are for the different eligible professionals. The health organizations need to receive the monetary incentives with Health Information Technology and Clinical Health Act. The report will include the certification of EHR where the core objectives relate to the applications and certified electronic health records for handling the meaningful use of Eps and the HCOs. EHR is based on the requirements which are to handle the different requirements that focus mainly on the capturing and tracking of KPIs and the clinical setting. The coordination of care with the information helps in determining how the in-office communication and with the patients will help in advancement of clinical processes.

Key Elements of Certified EHR

The technology focus on capturing and sharing the data of patient where the health providers need to focus on electronic health records with provider focusing on retrieving and transferring the patient information (Miotto et al., 2016). The Medicare payment adjustments are for receiving the payments and then plan about certification for the PI programs. The functionality and security will require to meet the meaningful criteria and certification is about securing and maintaining the confidentiality of data. The operations ae based on improving the health care quality and the certification of EHR technology for submitting the clinical quality and the other relative measures. The Information Blocking Attestation includes attesting of statements with taking actions for handling the prevention of information blocking attestation. The criteria is based on the capabilities with patient demographics, and clinical health information like the medical history and problem lists. The capacity is to provide the clinical approach with the records for unique device identifiers which is associated to the patient's implantable device. The capacity is to capture and then plan about relevance for the health care and handling the electronic health information with integration of information and sources.

EHR plans to focus on honing the electronic processes with improved outcomes and focusing on Health Information Exchange. The improved outcomes focus on decision making with higher priority conditions that are set for the patient portal access and its utility. This includes the access for the different laboratory results along with provider communication. The planning of EHR technology is for the healthcare clients where the support comes for the federal regulatory requirements (Mandel et al., 2016).

The implementation of EHR includes the practices with facilitator determining the hardware and software. The portions are for the resident and internal IT support for leveraging the EHR. The importance is to focus on establishing the relationship with the challenges about the net practice. EHR helps in focusing over the management of population health that includes the features and the capacities with the ability to focus on selection, learning and how to learn about the laborious process. With this, the resources are able to plan about Health IT adoption where the compilation of planning, implementation of resources helps in setting the applications, as per the facilities. The workflow is to record the patient demographics with maintaining the vital sins electronically. The immunization of data is for the regional register with using the patient reminders for the health agencies. It will also help in providing the access to the lab results. The flexibility is defined within the objectives and measures to coordinate car through the patient engagement. The providers need to focus on thresholds and meet the objectives for health information exchange (Rajkomaret al., 2018). The certification is based on the complex health problems where the continuity of care and information leads to optimizing the healthcare. It will migrate from the paper-based health records for a system to store health information electronically. The growth recognition is found to be stronger for the IT infrastructure which is considered integral for addressing the national concerns. They are important for quality of health care and rising health care costs.

Stage of Use Core Objectives related to clinical applications

EHR can improve the standing orders with authorizing the nurse and carrying out the medical orders with the practice approved protocol. The practices make use of identifying the education materials with link to the libraries for understanding the audio-visual materials. The data is stored to make sure of the patient education and the shared decision making or action planning. The functionality needs to support the Care Model with implementing the care management capacity effectively. The database of patients is to define the specific diagnosis, conditions and procedures with EHR containing the patient specific information. There are tracking of the progresses with productivity and patient flow which is measured through wait time and cycle time. The effectiveness is measures through handling the educational materials which is adhering to recommend the treatment of guidelines and the decision support use. The relationship is useful to EHR as it depends on the transport, employment and the education (Hoffman et al., 2017).

The effectiveness is to automatically track the medications with generating list of patients with specific conditions to focus on the EHR capabilities. The eHealth Collaborative serves as a model with coordinating the exchange efforts with planning the private practices. The collaborative measures are based on the doctor's offices, hospitals with moderate- and low-income residents. The providers apply to payment adjustments, with receiving the incentives payments. The meaningful use of the Health IT capability with generating the list of patients with specific conditions and identifying or managing the patient populations. The Health Information System need to be coordinated with facilitating the interconnectivity and recognizing the needs for the primary health care. The guarantee is about the privacy and confidentiality requirements that will also require to serve the need of the individual patients. It will enable the monitoring of the health care parameters and the administration or management. EHR includes the safeguarding privacy and security where the technical problems and organizational barriers have to be handled with training programs. The challenges are made for the health informatics with safeguarding the privacy and security or the technical problems.

The effective model for the Health Information System is to be defined where there is a need to provide a stronger communication and interconnectivity support for the providers. EHRS includes the maintenance of core functionalities with management of results, order entry and decision-making system (Fildeset al., 2015). The patient support, and administration processes are defined for the dataset where the planning is done for health care providers who tend to receive the information which is conflicts to undergo the different tests and procedures.


The integration of the EHR is to improve communication with security and confidentiality of the data records of patient. This helps in speeding up access for the appointments booked and the patient data. The procedures are defined for reducing costs and duplication and then ensuring a better care of quality, education and research. The effectiveness is based on improving the care coordination with improving population and public health that will ensure the adequate privacy and security protection. The healthcare providers tend to promote innovation and avoid any burden for the healthcare providers. The public health community needs to work on assessing and ensuring the readiness with planning to qualify for the incentives. accepts instant and short deadlines order for Electronic Health Records Assignment Help solution – order today for excellence!

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