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NIT6130 Introduction to Research, Victoria University, Australia

Cloud Computing


1. Abstract: • Aim of the research (in summary form, to complete after literature review)

• Approach or methodology and innovation (in summary form, to complete after proposed methodology in section 4)

• Expected outcomes and significance (in summary form, to complete after literature review)

Answer: Abstract: The study sheds light on cloud computing and several aspects associated with it. The study is conducted by using systemic research. Some of the key platforms that have been used for the study are Proquest, Google and some others. Along with that the study has used several personal understanding while conducting and executing the proposal. This is a proposal that is given for stating a new project to get better understanding on cloud computing. The project would mostly focus on the pros and cons of clod computing.

2. Literature Review - Broad Scan and Reading

Answer: In this modern era, cloud computing has been one of the most popular topics for any research study. Modern businesses have been gaining immense help from this modern technique of storing as well as accessing data over the internet instead of keeping it on the hard drive of the computer. This modern tool has been in vogue on the current generation and it has a deeper and positive impact on the businesses' cost,speed, performance and productivity. Such an interest on cloud computing and its impact has been the key driver for choosing some of the initial keywords that assisted the researcher to select some of the relevant articles for carrying out the study further.

List of keywords: Cloud Computing, storage devices, cloud computing services, databases, software, analytics, servers, networking.


Source 1: Cloud Computing: Implementation, Management, and Security,ByJohn W. Rittinghouse, James F. Ransome, 2016.

Source 2: Integration of Cloud computing and Internet of Things: A survey,by Alessio Botta, Walterde Donato, Valerio Persico, Antonio Pescapé, 2016.

Source 3: The rise of "big data" on cloud computing: Review and open research issues: Ibrahim Abaker Targio Hashema, Ibrar Yaqooba, Nor Badrul Anuara, Salimah Mokhtara, Abdullah Gania, Samee Ullah Khan, 2015.

Summary of the literary sources: The literary sources have been able to provide a deeper understanding of what cloud computing means and has even explored how such a modern tool can become disruptive in future. The sources have been able to male an examination of its disadvantages as well as advantages and it has given the business executives such knowledge that are essential for taking decisions that exemplify their cloud initiatives. The adoption as well as the use are being expected to become more pervasive and will thus make it an integral part of Future Internet (Rittinghouse and Ransome, 2016).

An integration of both cloud as well as IoT which can be termed as cloud IoT paradigm can be one of the most supreme ideas that can help the organizations gain a large momentum from such advanced technologies (Botta et al., 2016).

Round 2: Future internet, modern tool, big data, data management, impact of cloud, cloud initiatives, security.


Source 1: Security in cloud computing: Opportunities and challenges by: Ibrahim Abaker, Targio Hashema, Ibrar Yaqooba Nor, Badrul Anuara, Salimah Mokhtara, Abdullah Gania, Samee Ullah Khan

Source 2: A Privacy-Preserving and Copy-Deterrence Content-Based Image Retrieval Scheme in Cloud Computingby:ZhihuaXia ;Xinhui Wang ; Liangao Zhang ; Zhan Qin ; Xingming Sun ; Kui Ren.

Source 3: Methods and systems for cloud computing management by: Dan Di Spaltro, Alex Polvi, Logan Welliver.

Summary: There are number of system as well as methods that help a user to control,monitor the sessions of cloud computing that is being offered by a third-party provider of service. In some cases, management service can determine market space that will help the user to develop a customized session of cloud computing that is dependent on the computing resources that are offered by third part provider of service (Di Spaltro et al., 2016). The cloud computing portrays a prominent potential to give a cost effective, elastic as well as a powerful resource over the virtual platform. It gives an idea of the hardware capabilities by a shared and an optimal utilization. However, this newer technique is also being infected with number of security issues which are although being given apt solutions in the literary sources (Hashem et al., 2015).

Round 3

Keywords: Cost effective, internet security, cloud computing management, optimal utilization


 Source 1: Cloud Computing: Survey on Energy Efficiency by Toni Mastelic , Ariel Oleksiak ,Holger Claussen, IvonaBrandic, Jean-Marc ,Athanasios V. Vasilakos

Source 2: Cloud Computing Applications for Smart Grid: A Survey by: SamareshBera ; Sudip Misra ; Joel J.P.C. Rodrigues.

Summary: Due to the fast-paced advancement of the power systems, there have been upsurges regarding the necessities of facilitating the smart grids with control that is real time as well as a monitoring that can facilitate a bi-directional communication as well as electricity flows. Thus, the smart grids in future are expected to be efficient, reliable, secured by the implementation of different applications of cloud computing for a smart grid and its architecture (Ali et al., 2015).However, in today's era of communication technology, due to an enormous requirement of big data centers comprising of server units as well as supporting equipment there is a greater consumption of power. This has been compelling the researchers to research on the total amount of power consumed by such infrastructures and make comprehensive analysis of any infrastructure that has been supporting the paradigm of cloud computing with regard to their energy efficiency (Beraet al., 2015).


3. Literature Review - Focused Reading

Answer: The selected two articles are as follows:

"Ali, M., Khan, S.U. and Vasilakos, A.V., 2015. Security in cloud computing: Opportunities and challenges. Information sciences, 305, pp.357-383."

"Botta, A., De Donato, W., Persico, V. and Pescapé, A., 2016. Integration of cloud computing and internet of things: a survey. Future generation computer systems, 56, pp.684-700."

Article 1: Security In Cloud Computing:

Answer: The contribution of the authors is that they have initiated research in one such area that every cloud users should have a proper understanding of. The security in cloud computing is considered as one of the key factors that imitates the benefits of using them. Every users should be cautious about the privacy threats when it comes to using cloud platforms and purchasing products from third party users.

The authors shed light to the current problems of security issues in clod computing. The study has particularly given focus to analyzing how purchasing platform from third party could affect the company.

The innovative nature of the data collection method initiated in this study is the survey details have been used to analyze security issues. It has mixed both primary and secondary data collection for analyzing this.

The research problem is to identify the challenges and benefits associated with using cloud platform. The study needs better improvement in some areas. For example, the clear mention of methodology is required.

Article 2: cloud computing and internet of things

Answer: The contribution of the author is that, it has shed light to the most important two things that are cloud computing and internet of things. Though they are two different things or technologies that are part of information and communication, they have certain limitations. The study has focused on the most useful or prevalent but rarely discussed studies in the information and communication industry.

The study has analyzed the interrelationship of IOT and cloud computing. The concept of cloudiot paradigm involves several aspects like applications, challenges, and research issues. However, there is a gap between the understandings of the two concepts. The study aims to bridge this gap by analysing integration of cloud and Iot.

The study has selected surveying for the purpose of data collection. Though the method is not an innovative one, it has been analyzed in an effective manager using several data analysis process.


4. Proposed Research

Answer: With reference to the above researches done and post selecting the different literary sources, there have been number of loopholes that have been identified while making a focused reading. The literary sources have number of issues like there have been no references of achieving economy of scale with the help of these sources.

The aim of this proposed research is to give an understanding of the economies of scale associated with cloud computing. Cloudnomics is a very crucial topic that needs to be focused upon and thus the proposed work will be a novel based on the cloudnomics (JoSEPet al., 2010).
The proposed work will concentrate on using a deductive approach and will thus use existing models and theories in order to understand the mentioned topic of research.

The new research study will make a valid contribution to human knowledge as it will focus on the fact that the different elements of the cloud computing infrastructure that has been "scaling up" and these are network bandwidth as well as cooling and power equipment. They typically use larger components with a unit cost which is low. However, there are few of the chief building blocks of the cloud that are "scale out "as they develop by enhancing their quantity.

In case of the architecture which is scale out, the applicability of the economies of scale can be limited.

Understanding the economies of scale will help the study understand how different business organisations of the world can gain competitiveadvantage by implanting this infrastructure. A cloud infrastructure can help the organisations gain the economies of scale which turn can add on to the economy of the country too (Hayes,2008).

In order to conduct the research there is a need of ample time and resources. As a researcher it is necessary to gather all the data and the resources in order to take forward the study. In the present state, I have enough data and information to produce an enriched literary work, however there have been some financial glitches which will soon be overcome. Hence, in the near future I will be able to conduct the research with all the supports required and thus gain the expected outcome.


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