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Report on Recommended Readings Assignment Help

The section contains five articles (Reading 3.1 through to Reading 3.5), students should read the articles and then must choose one of them and complete a detailed critical analysis of that chosen paper. You may refer to other articles (correctly referenced) in the Reading Material book or other recent peer reviewed journal papers. If you rely substantially on a paper not included in the RM you must attach a copy of the paper as an appendix to your assignment. You must avoid opinion; do provide logical, considered reasons for your analysis of the papers approach to its subject, assertions and conclusions. Identify the key ideas and concepts being put forward by the author. Rigorously consider the relevance, validity, consistency and logic of the evidence provided by the author to justify his/her ideas or to support the conclusions reached. Discuss any identifiable bias or motive that may have coloured the authors approach or influenced.

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The main question that I am asking for the text selected is that whether or not it conforms to actual practice and is accurate. I also seek to understand the study that has been carried out and seek to relate it to real circumstances and compare the effects. The study of The Dean's Disease has been taken up in this critical analysis.


This is a type of theoretical report work. The data collected in this report is collected with the help of reviewing literature adjoined with literatures regarding corruption and leadership, the Chinese enigma and such other factors of the work. A theoretical framework mainly comprises of concepts. These concepts in addition to their definitions and their various links with literature and study of various scholarly research in the field of the report which is being undertaken, adds up to the theoretical framework of the report. Theoretical frameworks generally depict the understanding of theories and concepts and that are of relevance to the area of the research and they relate to a broader knowledge base which is considered (Norton et al. 2015).

The authors of the project are taking a report for the knowledge for understanding. They seek to understand the effects of power on the moral code of a person in the light of leadership qualities and corruption.

The authors of the project seek to understand the dean's disease and for this an approach of secondary research is adopted for the study. The research is carried out by understanding and interpreting various literatures in relation to the topic. This study also seeks to adopt measures in order to prevent it from happening.

The project being undertaken looks into the various facets of corruption. It seeks to identify the reasons of corruption and validate the fact that power is the root of corruption. It shows that flattery and a taste for power are main reasons for the dean's disease to be prevalent. This contributes to the greatly to the research question which is aimed at determining the effect of power on corruption.
This project that has been undertaken helps in the establishing and creating theory for future purposes as it is informed by theory and generates theory.

The viewpoints of the audience whether positive or negative affect the research accordingly. There may be some practical research also that can be applied to the project. The main kinds of knowledge that are being obtained from this research are theoretical knowledge on the basis of literature reviews regarding corruption due to power. The argument that is being made is that the gaining of power in a system leads to moralistic corruption later on as the person loses their sense of morality in the light of the power gained. The claim of the authors is accurate as they claim to study the role of power and the way it manifests itself on the darker side in the form of corruption.
The authors of the study claim that power manifests itself in the light of a darker side as time passes. According to Lammers et al. (2015), it can be seen that power and morality are said not to go hand in hand and the effect of power is not always negative on morality. The authors have derived their claims from the pretext of Greek philosophy as it is stated that Greek philosophy states that power manifests itself in its dark side not too long after it is acquired (Muris et al. 2017). All the claims made by the authors fit in to their research question and it can be seen that they adhere to the preset of the research. The backing for claims is extremely transparent as they have used various literatures such as, Faculty Satisfaction and the dean's influence: An organisational study of twelve liberal arts colleges and other such literatures in forging the claims. A variety of literature reviews from different authors such as Bachman J.G., Bedeian A.G. and Charan R. have been used in order to establish the claims.

The claims by the authors have been based around the study of different literatures and it the claims are absolutely dependent on the literatures studied. However, there is a lack of opposing evidence to the study. The sources that back the claims are not highly certain neither are they highly general in nature. They provide a brief amount of certainty but the rest is dependent on heavy generalisation as there are no data and statistics provided. There is no such conceptual framework that is guiding the data collection process of the project. There is essentially only one perspective which is guiding the research of the project. This is the establishment of the darker side of the power and how it adversely affects morality. The use of the concepts used is not stipulative in design however they are congruent to the study and the matter of the study.

The value stance of the project is certainly positive in nature as it seeks to validate the research question. The study also focuses on providing appropriate solutions and measures for safeguarding in the light of power and morality. The value stance adopted by the project is not previously discussed. It is implied in the project with the help of the findings, recommendations and the study. The study has not considered any opposing stances that may have been of relevance and thus there a slight over-emphasis can be spotted in it. The authors relate their claims to other literary works that they have studied in the light of this project. They relate their claims to Greek mythology as well but they do not study any form of counter evidence against the claims. The claims of the authors that have been studied are not robust in nature as they have used data which has been mostly generalized in the context of the topic.


There are a host of literatures such as the work of Lammers of Power and morality which seeks to abandon the concept of power directly being the sole reason of corrupting one's moral sense of value. In my experience the work is moderately consistent as I have come across the effect of the dean's disease and have experienced good people losing their sense of morality after gaining power. However, I have also come across the various deans who have become more benevolent in the light of gaining power. From this evaluation I have gathered that the study which was undertaken has followed methods of research which are highly theoretical. It has gathered a lot of data but is highly generalized in nature and also lacks in providing opposing ideas which challenge the main aim of the research. In addition to the above from my experience and existent research it can also be seen that the study is not as effective in real situations However, this study adds to the literature and database that is already present regarding the same topic already. The authors could have taken into account the opposing concepts of the project as this would have given them a better insight into the problem.

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