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MKT 478 Social Media Campaign is a process that involves business or team effort to assist business goal using one or more social media platform. The campaigns are done to provide organization to advertise their product on one social media like Facebook or Instagram. Due to advancements in technology, people are more active on social media. Therefore, to build brand loyalty in the minds of customer organization finds social media the most suitable platform.

As we know, the organizations focus on teamwork so that through coordinated effort they can achieve the business goal that will help in further growth and development of an organization. Through the study of this course, students will get to learn a lot of information about the interdependence of market and organization on each other. Organization and market go hand in hand, as there will be no survival of the organization without any market. Therefore, the organization needs to focus on customers' needs and demands. Sometimes to increase sales and profit many organizations follows the concept of Dragon Fly Effect. Dragon Fly effect is a powerful model, which taps the social media concept, their market strategy and consumer psychology to help an organization to achieve its goal. It is a very effective and quick model to drive social change in the market.

This study will provide knowledge to the students about the concept of Dragon Fly effect and its working criteria in the market, and the effect of this model in the whole existing market.

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