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Plato’s Socrates Inconsistent or Contradictory Assignment Help

Suppose Meletus overheard the discussion in the Crito and went to Plato''s Socrates saying "In your discussion with Crito you indicated you were able to propose and defend substantive theses--you claimed to know whether escape would be just, that it is never right to return a wrong for a wrong, and you claimed to know what sort of life is worth living. In making such claims you show you do not really believe that human wisdom amounts to little. That is, you lied during the trial when you professed ignorance. It seems to me your sentence is just!"

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How would you respond to this charge?

Considering the case, in the Apology Plato, which is ascribing to Socrates where the knowledge is based on distinguishing him from others. The cultivation of the Socratic wisdom is generally presented by Plato which is considered to be a necessary factor for pursuing to the demands and examination of life. There is a need to seek and acquire for the best where in Charmides, Socrates have been arguing at the length to conclude where the knowledge is not possible and of any use . The clarification is based on the Laws of Athens which tends to confront on the desire to escape with handling the private individuals who disobey and then nullify the laws. There are State with Socrates to suggest about the injustice against him and then make the faulty judgements at the time of trial. The laws are related to the relevant retaliation if one does not destroy and suggest for the judgements. 

 Is Plato's Socrates inconsistent or contradictory? 

The apparent contradiction is for the Platonic doctrine which is considered to be the problem for the Socratic wisdom in Apology and Charmides. Hence, the discussion is on the strategies with the long tradition of the Platonic scholarship that generally helps in resolving any types of the inconsistencies in Plato . The strategy is assessed through the reasons which are based on preferring the approaches that are called to be the “double dialogue” reading of Plato. It treats his work not for the vehicles as publishing doctrines but also as a challenge for the reader. The second half of Charmides involves the demonstration for the resolution to problems and then there are Plato issues which challenges the readers to properly address the inadequacies for the model of knowledge. The success is based on the dialogue refutation of Socratic wisdom which is not only the problem that has to be resolved but also the double dialogue strategy which is validated for the employment. The indication is about Plato and how other followers of Socrates are facing the little sympathy for Meletus. Plato does not want to suggest that Socrates has the obligation with the Socrates to personify the Laws of Athens. The consideration is about the Socrates trial where there are no true guilt of crimes that one has been condemned for. The results are about that Socrates has been wronged . Hence, there are laws for the cross examination and the centralized philosophy which consists of the interlocutors that have the wrong claim.

Can Plato's Socrates both claim to be ignorant and to know moral truths?

The Socrates say happiness is through acquiring the things in life, which is like the wealth, honor, status. The happiness helps in making the person happy and the Sophist have been teaching the students about the same . There is a need to learn about the virtuous reviews so that one can be happy with the objective morality that exists, and one can discover it as well. Socrates involves the Socratic methods for the discovery of the truth with the involvement of the questions and the civilization that works with the arrogance and possessing knowledge. Plato was a student to Socrates and the university tend to design and teach the men philosophy. Plato Crito portray Socrates with the model citizen with the reflection on the Socratic philosophy that involves the citizens to involves the rules of law and then work on political obligations. The voluntary injustice implies the justice is good with bolstering the commitment to justice with rule of law and the problem of voluntary injustice to define the citizenship . 

The understanding is about Socrates focusing n complacent acceptance with the unjust applications of laws. This consists of the interlocutors which have the mistake in the claim. Socrates have been responding to Crito plea where there are factors involving the agreement to two premises and then there are factors related to the agreements and the justice. The laws of the first speech is built mainly on the directive speech with intensity that holds the laws to know about the Socrates and then planning on the persuasion in accordance to the universal justice. The speech is mainly against the role of the laws with accepting the ways where state administer laws involves the commitment of the citizens . The growth is based on the laws which is substantiated for the consecutive speed sets and then presenting the evidences about the same. There have been laws to consider about the recognition and the citizenship having their property confiscated with extending to the indiscipline and laxity. Socrates performance involves the substantiating and then introducing with the meaningful forms that is set for the Crito changing from apprehensive to submissive.

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