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This course examines the theoretical and practical aspects of Marketing Research and Digital Analysis. Marketing Research is all about collecting and gathering information so that proper and effective marketing decisions can be taken and should be implemented for the smooth running of the organization.

Many topics include common uses of marketing data, formulation of research topics, different data collection tools and techniques, analysis and interpretation of data and many more. Through the study of this course, students will get to learn about marketing research, and the process involved to make that research fruitful for the companies and the organization as well. There are many steps involved in the formulation of research which will provide a good opportunity for the students to understand the importance of data collection which results in good and effective decision making.

Apart from this students will also understand the meaning and importance of Digital Analysis in every organization. Digital analysis is a business campaign that helps the organization to analyze which platform is better to understand their customers and also to advertise their product. Through digital analysis, the business will move towards the growth and development of the organization and individual as well.

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