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ITECH1100 Understanding The Digital Revolution, Federation University, Australia

The Potential Impact Of Speech Recognition On Waste Management


Question 1: Research

Write a short description of the technology and the industry.

Answer: Description of technology as well as industry: Speech recognition technology is the technology that is built is a machine to enhance its capability to recognize speech or terms in the spoken language as well as convert it into a format in which machine can read and understand it. As suggested by Epstein (2018), management of waste can be done using Speech recognition technology because it encourages natural and human kind of conversation. Incorporation of innovative and technological advancements and maintenance of cost-effectiveness process can be significant advantages of managing wastes in industry. Speech recognition technology is the way of converting input given by users into machine language so that it can easily be understandable by the central unit.

Along with, speech recognition is a strategic technological method through which the process of recycling can be undertaken. It provides details idea regarding the way of maintaining a sustainable environment and managing the overall operation process with the aid of giving accurate input. Waste management is the way of managing wastages by embedding key management techniques such as recycling process and daily basis controlling process (ways technology will disrupt business, 2019). This following management process is for maintaining a sustainable environment and a healthier environment for all people.

Waste management is the way of recycling different wastes and protecting climate based on which healthier condition can be maintained effectively (influenced by Marx et al. 2014).

Question 2: Brainstorming

List at least three ways the technology may change or disrupt the industry.

Answer: Ways in which technology can change the industry: Different ways are describing below:

Way 1: Reducing the number of wastes by following the recycling process and reducing operation cost (ways technology will disrupt business, 2019)

Way 2: Maintenance of a healthier environment for local people by reducing the number of wastes and protecting the climate

Way 3: Recognition of industry can be increased by maintaining sustainable business and protecting natural elements (influenced by Marx et al. 2014)

Question 3: Regulation and Ethics

Identify at least four factors or constraints that make this impact possible, or which might prevent it occurring.

Answer: Regulations as well as ethics: 

Lawrence Lessig's Regulations

Market: Development of sustainable business by reducing operation cost and maintaining recycling system of wastages can be effective ways of achieving recognition in the competitive market (Lawrence Lessig's Regulations, 2019).

Law: Recycling process and maintenance of healthier condition by reducing the number of wastages will be effective criteria of Environment protection legislation.

Architecture: Reduction of operation cost and gaining higher profit in terms of investing fewer amounts can be effective ways of developing an overall structural framework of industry (influenced by Yu & Deng, 2016).

Social: Social development is a significant perspective of managing wastes and maintaining a healthier environment. Speech recognition, including automation system and technological advancement as well as quality technology, can be the reason of maintaining recycling of different wastes of industry. For maintaining the well-being of people sustainable business process by considering the concept of speech recognition and recycling process are essential (Lawrence Lessig's Regulations, 2019).


Question 4: Disruption

Identify one process within your industry or field that would change as a result of your chosen impact.

Answer: Events: After considering idea related to speech recognition such as advanced technological aspects and cost-effectiveness, overall structural framework and net operation cost of the industry has been decreased (influenced by Yu & Deng, 2016).Due to taking the initiative related to the way of managing wastages by following the recycling process, the industry has achieved high success.

Activities: Daily basis monitoring as well as controlling strategy based on the operation process as well as taking advantages of latest advanced automation system are significant activities regularly. Measuring performance and effectiveness of different activities such as recycling process and its impact on overall operation have been a great process to reduce the number of wastages.

Decision points: Effective decision regarding controlling strategy and managing wastages by following recycling system is significant considerations in case of taking the initiative related to waste management (influenced by Korucuet al. 2016). The effective and strategic decision related to the way of managing wastages and considering recycling processis major perspectives of fulfilling goals.

Actors: Junior staffs and upper-level management of industry are responsible for managing wastages and following effective operation technique. All employees of lower level management and senior departmental members are responsible for daily basis inspecting and controlling activities related to waste management.

Outcomes: Key outcomes such as the effective structural framework of the industry as well as a healthier environment for local people and maintenance of sustainable business process can be raised effectively (influenced by Epstein, 2018). Positive outcome related to managing wastages has been evacuated due to considering key techniques and following speech recognition technology.

Question 5: Video plan

Create a script or storyboard to help you plan your video

Answer: Script: In the beginning, I gathered information regarding the importance of speech recognition involving technological advancements and cost-effectiveness process had been described effectively. Along with that, I collected information related to the impact of speech recognition on industrial process such as the way of maintaining a healthier and sustainable environment as well as the well-being of people has been demonstrated properly. According to me, the development of society and maintenance of well-being of people can be reasons for managing waste with the help of speech recognition technology. In addition to that, recognition of industries can be enhanced through maintaining sustainability in business as well as preventing natural elements. I chose the impact of reducing waste as well as operations cost by recycling waste to implement effectively. On that basis, Regulation of Lawrence and Lessig's can help in developing sustainability in business as it comprises of market and law as well as architecture and social. With the help of this regulation, products can be recycled, which can result in reducing waste as well as the operation cost of the product. For this purpose, I chose disruptions such as events and activities as well as actors and points of decisions and outcomes which can help me in reducing waste. With the help of regular monitoring as well as making a strategic decision can help in taking advantage of advanced technology of automation. Along with that, effective decisions regarding managing operations process and waste can help in reducing waste effectively. According to me, the whole hierarchy of industries is responsible for managing waste as well as following advanced technique to reduce waste, which can result in an effective structural framework.


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