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This course defines that strategic marketing is a long term and planning process that is done to obtain a competitive edge in the market. It is the forward-looking approach in which, the organization examines different forms of strategies to compete in this competitive world. Every organization needs to follow strategic marketing so that they can understand which step is suitable for the organization to achieve its goal.

Strategic Marketing examines the strategic elements of marketing and the various ways to deal with new challenges in the market and to effectively compete in today's business environment. There are various tools and techniques, which are used in collecting and gathering data and analyzing it for the smooth running of the organization. A Business is defined as the organization where maximum utilization of resources is done with minimum wastage and requires a group effort to produce and sell goods and services for gaining profit. Nowadays organizations follow the concept of STP that is segmenting, targeting and positioning. This process is done to create awareness of the product in the minds of the customer, which in return will help the organization to grow.

Through the study of this course, students will get the opportunity to understand that there are numerous ways to help the organization build its position in the market. Many students are unaware of what process is required to start a new venture. This course will provide vast and detail knowledge about strategic marketing and its elements and various tools and techniques and their dependence on each other for the development and growth of any organization.

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