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I. Introduction and Background

The problem for Red Bran is managerial Leadership and lack of vision. Problem is awareness and security in the organization. Red Barn Faith, Hope, Love, is situated in Alabama, was founded in the year 2012 and served as one of the welcome reliefs from the daily monotonous life of the individuals. The instrumental in bringing faith, hope, and smiles to many children, adults, and individuals by providing emotional, cognitive, or physical support to the disabled individuals. Red Barn has a unique service offering, where people with burdened hearts could feel relaxed and find hope, faith, and happiness by spending time with horses (, 2019). Weekly, there are almost 100 visitors, children and adults, to uplift their moods or to rejuvenate their ways of thinking and living. Red Barn provides facilities of educational activities, camping, riding lessons and many more services. While the company receives partial funding from the state, other parts of funding come from donations from many volunteers.

Red Barn also resorted to various fund-raising programs resulting in a stable operation until 2015 (, 2019). With technological advancement, and time has changed, even the needs and ways of approach. Red Barn still resorts to its old methodology of operations related to, managing the funds and managing the information related to the organization. The result is under-utilization of the resources along with the waste of investments in the organization. The management has not been proactive enough to bring about Organizations Change. Match digitization world and capture the imagination of the customers, who want more than the goodness of their mental health. Thus, Red Barn exposed different types of dangers related to cyberattacks, exploitation, lack of managerial vision, lack of changes to attract more customers. (Nojeim, 2010). All these could be related to the management problems, and lack of vision for changes (Sorrell, 2018). Here the focus would be towards the lack of managerial vision causing issues or differences.

Management not finding the vigor or zeal to carry out the burden of carrying the operations as the returns or satisfaction have also decreased significantly (McKeever, 2018). Red Barn are finding it challenging to sustain with limited resources, along with the issues related to lack of initiatives of the managers. This research study would try to delve into the managerial problems of the Red Barn and thereby come up with a general framework to address such issues, in a limited environment situation, along with finding out the ways by which other related stakeholders could contribute.

II. Problem Statement

The best way for Red Barn to solve management problem, with limited resources is one of the most significant problems to be solved. Answering this help in all-round growth of the Red Barn, along with addressing the social & cultural needs of the people effectively.


Describe the larger management problem that your research questions address?

The research question will address the larger management problem of tackling the issues of under-utilization of resources along with not being able to handle the dynamic changes in the digitized world.

Provide evidence that the problem is current, relevant, and significant to the discipline for PAS?

The world has embraced globalization with an open hand and the advent of technologies have resulted in customers asking for more, rather than only the common service. Like ‘The Red Barn' many Non-Government organizations have not been able to manage with limited resources. This has given rise to the need for proposing solutions for these types of organizations in the context of gaining maximum by using the minimum resources.

Explain how this management problem builds upon or counters previous research findings focusing primarily on research conducted in the last five years?

Previous researches have shown that the Non-Government and Non-Profitable organizations have not been prudent enough in their approach to embrace the changes in a digitized world, leading to much complex problems of managing changes. Accenture report has shown that NGOs have not been able to embrace the changes (Nilzén, et al., 2016). Even interviews of researchers have also supported the inability of the NGOs to adopt & change (Sureda, 2018).

Explain in one sentence how the research management problem itself focuses on something new as a solution to the management problem?

This research would try to solve on the problem of the NGOs mismanagement with the limited resources by guiding them to become frugal organization and o work with limited sources to achieve maximum benefits.

III. Purpose

The study aims to solve the managerial problems at Red Barn, which are leading to closing or bankruptcy of these Non-Profit organizations across the world. By studying the serious managerial problem at Red Barn, the study will find out the significant factors related to the issues. The purpose would help in solving the most significant problems of management and lack of vision issues at Red Barn, by studying the impacts, reasons, causes of the several hindrances that face by management.

IV. Research Question

1. What are the different impacts, reasons, and causes which are leading to the slowing down of the operations of Red Barn?

2. How can senior leaders at Red Barn improve their ways of thinking and operations to strengthen such dire conditions?

V. Nature of the Study

The research would try to describe the key concepts related to management issues and lack of vision in Red Barn. An inductive research approach would be followed to perform the research. A qualitative study would be across the different available literature in the registered sources. In understanding the phenomenon of slow growth and closing of Non-profit organizations. Research questions would form, which would be analysed and answered through elaborate research. A qualitative study would help in performing the detailed exploratory analysis while collecting qualitative data points from all sources. The data points received, collated, and analysed as per the different themes identified through the literature review. The thematic analysis would help in data segregation in a focused manner and thereby derive insights out of the same.

Describe the key concept and/or phenomenon being investigated in this study?

The key concept which would be discussed here is mainly related to management problems in the Non-Profit or Non-Government organizations.

Explain why you use qualitative research design?

The qualitative research design helps in collecting data points in an exhaustive manner from the participants and thereby helps in collecting more & more information through focused interviews.

Explain what is particularly valuable about this qualitative and why?

This qualitative study would help in capture the information in a detailed manner from the different employees of the organization "The Red Barn" and that would help in thematic analysis of the various factors/parameters related to management complexities in "The Red Barn", which could then be further generalized for the other Non-Profit or Non-Government organizations.

Provide a concise rationale for the selection of the qualitative approach for this study?

As the number of data points is very less, then selecting quantitative responses from the survey participants at "The Red Barn" would have limited the scope of data collection or the number of questions would had to be increased. But Qualitative data approach helps in collecting the mindshare of the participants in few questions.

State from whom and how data are collected.

Non-Probabilistic method of Purposive sampling method would be deployed to collect data points from as many employees of "The Red Barn" as possible to gather as much information as possible, with an aim of taking interviews of alteast 10 employees from the organization.

VI. Conceptual Framework

The Key study would revolve around studying the different types of techno-managerial issues at the Non-profit organization The Red Barn with focus on the cyber-security issues which choked the growth of the organization in recent past. The Key study would revolve around studying the different types of techno-managerial issues at the Non-profit organization The Red Barn with focus on the cyber-security issues which choked the growth of the organization in recent past. While there are many studies from the past which focus on managing the digitization problems, especially the ways of tackling the cyber-security threats in the large organizations, very few studies focus on finding out solutions for the smaller organizations, who have much lesser budget towards investing in digital solutions or handling cyber-security problems. The research study would follow an Inductive research approach as primary data points would collate and compared with all data points to generate insights, gaps, and to recommend solutions regarding the same.

VII. Sources of Data

For the research, sources data used, the causes of information would include, the websites, data points across the internet, blogs, journal articles, research papers, views of the analysts. Source of data from interviews employees of Red Barn would be analysed to gather of information.

VIII. Significance of the Study

In one sentence, explain how your study will add to the field of Public Administration about your topic?

This study going to deal with an effort to solve the managerial & change management problems at Non-profit organization through focused cost-optimization & innovative strategy approaches.

In one sentence, explain how your profession will benefit?

It would help solve the broader issues related to Non-profit and Non-Government organizations which reel under the effects of lack of managerial vision and practical approach of management.

In one sentence, explain the type of impact your study can make beyond your professional world to the larger world in relation to Social Change?

This study helps identify the solutions or the cluster of options which could provide a guideline. This framework for the Non-profit and Non-Government operations on ways of managing limited resources and the methods of handling the same. Then, end the introduction section with why this study is needed.

In the absence of enough literature availability & use cases with respect to the Non-Profit organization management complexity and ways of dealing with frugal management system, this research would help in complementing a wider array of issues related to management problems in Non-Profit organization.

IX. Limitations an Overview

What bias you have on this study?

There is no visible biasedness in the study apart from the apprehension of the biasedness that might occur from the responses of the employees of "the Red Barn".

How honest the employee is to answer Invitees question?

The employees were honest to answer the question as they were assured of the anonymity. However, biasedness might crop in from their side due to the loyalty and fear of being reprimanded.

Will Red Barn feel free to aloud the employee to do the interview questions?

The employees would not feel proud and say out loud about their interview questions, but still they are being assured of their anonymity so that honest feedback & responses could be captured.

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