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Ethical Review Assignment Help

1. Name one concept, theory, or research finding that you learned from this week's reading. You are to provide the page number from where you retrieved this information.

LO 4: Summarize Sexual Functioning in Middle Age, page 474.

2. Provide a background of the theory/concept, covering the name of theory, theorist, or concept, and what the theory says about human development or behavior.

3. Describe an illustrative example of this theory concept in everyday life. The illustrative example should provide sufficient detail and link your example to specific course concepts. Use examples from your personal experiences, informal observations of those around you, or the media.

4. You are a case worker, and your client has acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, (AIDS).

a). Is it your responsibility to notify his/her partner if the client reports that they do not plan to tell the partner due to the fear of breakup and abandonment?

b). Explain your response and provide at least one quote from the assigned reading material to support your response. You are to provide where you retrieved your supporting information.

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Answer 1

The theory is about sexual expression and functioning in the middle age. It considers the age groups and tends to focus on sexual functioning during the course of adulthood. It describes the characteristics of the middle age men, be it divorces, married and for the people who have never been married.

Sex In Marriage

It is a bond which is formed with the overall satisfaction and sexual satisfaction after the marriage, particularly for the men. It is derived through sexual intercourse and women tend to be more orgasmic if they are in a happier marriage. In comparison to the unmarried men, the married men derive more sexual satisfaction than the age group of the 18-24, and it certainly decreases as the men get old. The women are at peak os satisfaction when they reach the age group from 35 to 40. It shows how the women are at the peak of satisfaction as they age in the 35-40 while for the men it gets lower.

Child Birth

It was also seen that after the childbirth within one year of marriage, the sexual experienced is less satisfying and it generally results in the inhibition in comparison to the childless couple. The child couple has to adjust, accustom to the pressure in comparison to the high sexual rate of the childless couple.

Answer 2

The theory is about sexual satisfaction and the gratification; it relates to how the couples and the gender of the specific age groups tend to experience sexual satisfaction.

In an abusive relationship, the spouse tends to lose the self-worth and also loses interest in the sexual course of the relationship. It also explains the reason for the extramarital relationship. It explains the ethical question of the mate-swapping or going for the consensual relationship, which is a type of extramarital sex arrangement.

Sex Following the Divorce

After the divorce, the men become highly sexually active and tend to have higher coitus of the frequency in comparison to the married men (Hulsegge, 2016). Also, the divorced men have a variety of the sexual partners, and in comparison to the women, they also have a high sexual frequency, but they are hesitant for the post-martial sex and also have a small number of men as partners.

Sex in the Widowhood

As ending the marriage can be one of the traumatic experience, and the widowhood, when the partners die, it gradually leads to a low experience (Wrzus, 2017). While the men widowers are able to revive up and also tends to build on the sexual relationships, the same does not happen with the women widowers who visibly fall into the cultural patterns and hesitation.

Sex among never married

While some plan never to marry the other plans to marry for the status. Some are considered to be celibacy while others are not.
A small number of people do not fall into the celibacy while majorly people fall into it, of avoiding any sort of the relationship.

Answer 3

The theory surrounding and be viewed as the foundation with respect to the later development t which needs to also characterize through the many factors, e.g. such as moving out of parents' home along with also starting a career and a tendency of never getting married. This is also one of the difficult phases to also pinpoint as and one the stage starts, which begins from the text of the 18 to 30 yrs. in the views shared, the adolescence & young adulthood which is the 15 to 25 years and in comparison to the young & middle adulthood 23 to 45 or 50 yrs have different approaches towards the sexual relationship and tendency to experiment.

Answer 4 (a)

The partner should be disclosed in the case, even if the client reports that it would lead to breaking up and lead to abandonment, as caseworker has to abide by the principles and the ethics to disclose the matter.

Answer 4 (b)

"Clients who have HIV/AIDS" would be reluctant to inform their sexual partners due to the variety of reasons". In such cases, it is encouraged that the caseworkers should report and disclose to the partners. accepts instant and short deadlines order for Ethical Review Assignment Help solution – order today for excellence!

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