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You have just been hired as the new District Manager for LOCOLA Credit Union Bank with 10 locations under your span of control. In the past 21 months, this district has been experiencing serious communications issues between the previous district manager, corporate office, district office, the supervisors, and employees. Your immediate mandate from the Bank Headquarters is to devise strategies that will improve your district followership communications skills based on the issues noted below. Utilize your leadership communications expertise skills gleaned in this course when developing the strategies.

Description and evaluation of the strategies for the completion of the work

The entire work processes were divided among five group members. Each of the members retained their own set of skills and capabilities to execute the entire work processes. Two of the members possessed excellent communicational skills that helped in enhancing the transmitting of the messages among the team members. The use of verbal and written communicational methods was used for communicating with the group members (Boies, Fiset & Gill, 2015). Each of the individual persons was allocated separate work to complete the project within the mentioned time frame. My task was to monitor the execution and collection of the data and to identify that there are no issues while executing the work activities. The task two members were to carry out the effective research regarding the analysis of the issues and reasons that took place at the concerned bank. The tasks of the other two members were to analyze the issues and formulate effectual strategies to reduce these issues and to restrict the issues from occurring in the future. The primary issue that was found was the lack of proper communicational skills that were required to perform the work processes. It is vital for each of the team members to work in a collaborative manner to facilitate the overall execution of the work processes and to bring the desired success for the entire project (Bornman & Puth, 2017).

Identification of the leader within the team

I was leading the entire group members by allocating their respective work activities and monitoring the tasks completed by them to submit the final report. It was my responsibility to evaluate the efficiency of the entire work activities by helping each member to complete their tasks. I was leading the team members and monitoring the work activities carried by each of the members. It is vital to understand that there are various leadership styles which helpsinenhancing the overall effectiveness of a person to manage the concerned work processes in a group. I was following the transactional style of leadership to facilitate the execution of the entire groupproject. The use of the transactional leadership style refers to the adoption of the changes within the group processes depending upon the demand of the situation (Guillaume, Dawson, Otaye-Ebede, Woods & West, 2017). In few of theprevious works also, I was good at managing the work activities of different people, and therefore, the members of the group considered me to be the leader of the group as this will help in achieving the desired success for the entire group. One of the other members was good at listening and identifying the desired requirements of the work processes, but he was not good I increasing the work efficiencycooperating and collaborating with the other members, so I accepted to be the leader of the group.


Evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the group's process and final products

The contribution put forward by each of the groupmembers were satisfying as they have worked hard to identify each of the requirements of the task. The amount of cooperation and collaboration from each of the members as helped in evaluating the overall effectiveness of the group (Moore, Rivera, Bravo-Soto, Olivares & Lawrie, 2018). It was required to find out the issues that have already occurred between the bank supervisor, the previous district manager, and the employees. The task of finding these issues was allocated to two of the group members, and they have successfully done this by identifying each of the issues specifically. The other two members have also done her task successfully by analyzing the issues that already occurred.

Moreover, it is of great importance to know that the primary task was to develop effective strategies to reduce and restrict these issues among the people concerned. Therefore, the two group members those who have identified the issues helped in formulating the best strategies to reduce and stop these issues. Each of the task requirement was fulfilled with proper research and collections of the data carried by the respective team members. Each of the memberswas helpful in performing entire tasks which enhanced the effectiveness of the group project.

Learnings from participating in this group

Therewereseveral learnings evaluated after participating in the group work.Each of the members has learned to work by cooperating and collaborating. Bringing of the desired change as per the situation is considered as to be vital for increasing the reliability of the entire work processes. One of the other learning is the identification of owns skills and capabilities. It is also important for eachperson to identify their weaknesses and strengths, to improve their respective weaknesses for bringing positive results for the entire group work. The use of the appropriate leadership skills is also considered to be vital for the growth and completion of thetaskssuccessfully (Ruben & Gigliotti, 2016). There are differentleadership qualities like transactional or transformational leadership skills which can be used to boost the overall growth of the concerned tasks while working in a group. Themostimportantaspectswhile working in a group is the development of the communicational skills and team workingskills which helps in increasing the reliability of the work activities.It needs to be understood that the division of the entire work into different team members helps in making the task easy and it also enhances the overall perfect of the work completed. One of the other learning's is the completion of the task within the given timeframe as it helps in increasing the quality of the entire task (Schippers, West & Dawson, 2015).


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