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Nicomachean Ethics : Aristotle Review Assignment Help

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Question 1. Aristotle argues that people are not born either virtuous or vicious, but become one or the other by developing certain characteristics over time. Do you agree with his view? What evidence can you cite to support your position?

Answer 1. In his book, Nicomachean Ethics Aristotle talks about the virtuous or vicious as a character of the person that is not inborn rather it is the circumstances and the situation in one's life that develops these characters. I do agree with his point for no newborn baby is vicious or virtuous rather they are like an empty vessel which fills itself with whatever elements that they are filled by the society. As it is also said that it is the circumstances and the challenges faced by an individual and the people that they are surrounded with heavily contribute to building their character. Therefore, it is not deniable that it is the time and the process of life makes one acquire to be virtuous or vicious. Taking an example of the criminal who has murdered a person due to some reason, in this situation we cannot say that the person who has committed the murder was a murderer from his/her birth. Rather it is the circumstances and the situation that has forced the person on doing such heinous crime. Therefore, no one is born vicious or virtuous it is the society and the circumstances and habitual action that makes one be what he/she is(2019).

Question 2. Do you agree that virtue is a matter of balance and moderation? Can extreme actions/emotions ever be virtuous?

Answer 2. I do agree with the statement that says that virtue is a matter of balance and moderation but not fully. In my point of view, virtue is more of adaptation and the experience that one goes through in their life. There are so many factors in human life that contribute to the development of virtue like being modest and such, and balance and moderation are just a few among those. It is the matter of balance for if someone has too much confidence which at last will end up to vain and resulting in nothing or on the other hand having no confidence will show one as timid. Likewise putting too much trust in something or someone will result in unwise decisions and too much tolerance will make one ignorant. But sometimes having a balanced and moderate life does not make one non-virtuous person. Yes, extreme actions and emotions can lead one to be virtuous for many time doing things for extreme is not good. Keeping it to balance and doing as much required will keep it into a safe place for doing extreme will lead to virtuousness and can ruin the whole situation that seems to be balanced otherwise.

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