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STOA-603 Organizational Analysis Assignment Help

1.Describe and analyze the environment, strategy, and structure of your organization of choice. It is critical to provide evidence for your analysis.

2.Assess the challenges and opportunities inherent in your organization at this time in terms of managing conflicts and aligning appropriate motivational strategies and values to the broader organizational strategy and structure.

3.Describe any gaps in your organization''s alignment of strategy, structure, systems, processes, and leadership. Please describe specifically the relationship between leadership and organizational culture and ethics. Do this in the context of the topics reviewed in the last four weeks of this course. Please comment on how the misalignment impacts effectiveness.

4.Finally, provide at least five recommendations for change in your organization that will lead to a stronger alignment between strategy, structure, systems, and processes in your organization.



The primary motive of this paper is to describe and analyze the environment, strategy, and structure of Enbridge Inc. It will also assess the challenges and opportunities inherent in the chosen organization in terms of managing conflicts and aligning appropriate motivational strategies and values. It will also highlight the gaps in the alignment of strategy, structure, systems, processes, and leadership of the organization. The relationship between leadership and organizational culture and ethics will help in understanding the different aspects for executing the business procedures in a defined way. The impact of misalignment on the effectiveness of the organization will also be discussed. Moreover, there will be five vital recommendations for bringing desired change in the chosen organization.

Description and Analysis of the Environment, Strategy and Structure of the Organization 

The environment of the organization requires to be clean and competitive. It will deploy the employees who help in enhancing the working environment of the business. The atmosphere of the workplace should be welcoming as well as inclusive for all (Alagaraja and Shuck, 2015). It will encourage diversity in the workplace which may keep the organization innovative as well as dynamic. To maintain a competitive environment, it should lower the rate of corporate income tax. The tax environment is one of the major factors for an organization to make long-term investments. Enbridge Inc. can build an equitable, harassment-free as well as respectful workplace by continuing the renewal of programs and favorable policies (Al-Haddad and Kotnour, 2015).

Enbridge Inc. wants to be a leading energy company in Canada and to achieve the objective; the organization sets the following strategies which are described below –

a. Focus on Safety and Operational Reliability: An important strategy is a safety as well as the reliability of the business operations. The organization tries to have a safe industry and reliability leadership. 

b. Execution of a Capital Program - The Company plans to invest $22 billion over the upcoming three years to achieve the growth opportunities within the core assets. The capital program which will be executed by the company consists of various projects like NEXUS, Line 3 Replacement, Hohe See Offshore Wind as well as Dawn-Parkway Expansion (Villalba-Diez et al., 2015). The execution of capital program through the projects is essential for the financial performance, long term position and strength of balance sheet of the organization.

c. Maximize the Value of Core Business: The incorporation company will focus on the assets such as liquids pipelines as well as terminals, natural gas utilities and gas transmission or storage to regulate the utility business model. It helps the firm to continue on low risk and strong value proposition (de Sá Sousa and do Prado Leite, 2017). The core assets are positioned strategically, have strong commercial underpinnings, and it also provides opportunities for organic growth.

d. Position for Long-Term Growth: The Enbridge Inc. evaluates the new opportunities within their business to fit the position as well as proposition value for the future (Deller, Gallani and Sandino, 2018). A significant role is played by the natural gas which offers opportunities in offshore wind.

e. Strengthen the Financial Position: The funding plan of the business helps in sustaining the investment-grade credit ratings for funding the growth in future. 

f. Accomplish Integration as well as Transformation: The Company will focus on transforming the business processes by optimizing the systems of the firm. It also drives cost efficiency so that they remain active as well as competitive in the future.

Enbridge Incorporation has announced an organizational structure which helps in strengthening the team members of the firm and represents the growth as well as the evolution of the business. The incorporation company has an incident management organizational structure which relies on the nature of the incident. The structure covers all the organization levels from the worker to the executive leader. A field response team will be employed for operating all the events of the business (Cui et al., 2015). The team will take specific actions at an incident to deal with the problems. This team includes the local operations staff who are trained in protecting their life and can make assessments. The principle of Incident Command System is followed by the field response team to enable the organization in coordinating the functions effectively.

The incident management team will be deployed in case of an emergency. The team can help the field response team by providing support in tactical operations as well as facilitate planning. If both the field response team as well as incident management team combine, then they will fill the ICS role which helps in responding directly to the event. ICS (Incident Command System) is an organizational structure required to coordinate with other responses (Fernandes and Fernandes, 2018). It is a scalable tool which helps in making framework and provides a standardized role of functions. The ICS structure relies on the nature of the emergency and is based on the needs of the incident. The trained employees can be employed to support an incident in the organization by the use of ICS. Moreover, the Business Unit Incident Support Team and the Crisis Management Team will be mobilized in the most severe incidents so that they can provide tactical as well as strategic support to the occurrence of the business. 

Challenges and Opportunities in terms of Managing Conflicts and aligning Appropriate Motivational Strategies and Values 

Some of the key challenges in terms of managing conflicts are described below:

Increase In Complex Patterns Of Conflict – As the conflict and its outcomes have no limits within one organization, so systemic prevention of conflict is introduced to address the transnational risks and conflict drivers. The important aspect of prevention initiative can be the sharing of experience and cross-agency collaboration.   

Understanding With Armed Non-State Actors – The conflicts are driven by actors and other factors and become complicated as well as multifaceted. It may comprise of non-state armed actors having deep respect for humanitarian law along with irregular terrorism or politics (Handfield et al., 2015). It is required to negotiate with the actors for securing humanitarian and an agreement of peace.

Risk Of Harming – It is a challenge for the external actors to identify the inter-dependent political conflict dynamics as it is key to shape the strategies of conflict.

Measuring The Consequences And An Impact Of Conflict Prevention – A key challenge is to measure the effectiveness of conflict prevention as these are generally invisible. It can be possible to make a conflict analysis by the use of theories of change. A deep understanding of critical sources and proposed ways for assessing the tensions in a particular context can be included in the theories of evolution. 

The key opportunities to contribute to the prevention of conflict are as follows:

Recognizing and Aiming Context Specific Root Causes of Conflict – Prevention of conflict is a complex process that needs a suitable method in every context. The activities of conflict prevention are based on the analysis of the conflict that consists of a gender perspective. The two significant factors responsible for the cause of conflict are destructive power dynamics and patterns of marginalization.

Significance of Stakeholders and Power Analyses – A key to successful prevention of conflict can be beneficiary selection or careful partner. The beneficiary selection requires to be based on stakeholder as well as on power analyses which recognize the positions, interests, power, needs as well as resources among potential factors. 

Structural Conflict Prevention – To promote inclusive economies, politics and societies, structural conflict prevention initiative can be taken.  

Promoting Conflict Prevention in Every Phase of the Conflict Cycle – Most of the initiatives are constructed in contexts which had already experience conflicts of violence. It has been suggested by the evidence that structural prevention is the most effective in the stage of the conflict cycle (Gerow, Thatcher and Grover, 2015). The organization can recognize other opportunities by involving conflict sensitivity in the development strategies to raise conflict prevention among all phases of the conflict cycle.

Challenges in aligning Appropriate Motivational Strategies and Values

The present challenging business environment of Enbridge Inc. has made it more difficult for the organization to design motivational strategies and values for their staffs. Lack of well-designed motivational strategies leads to a lack of promotion of desired behaviors of the employees that are vital for successful implementation of organizational strategy and structure (Heil and Bornemann, 2018). Thus, it is crucially significant for Enbridge Inc. to ideally fit and align their corporate strategy and structure and motivational strategies for improving the organizational efficiency and accomplish the goals of the company. 

A successful business needs an effective business strategy, human resources and employee motivational strategy. Although Enbridge Inc. is a successful company, proper alignment of employee motivational strategies with organizational strategy and structure has been limited in the company. The pay structure is not aligned with business strategy and structure, and so it has become a challenge in achieving the targets of the company. It is important to align motivational strategy with business strategy and structure to better organizational performance in Enbridge Inc. the problem in the company is that the motivational strategies have not been aligned according to the strategic alignment process of the company. Improper motivational strategies tend to decrease the costs from its competitors. 

Opportunities in aligning Appropriate Motivational Strategies and Values 

A functional alignment between organizational strategy and structure and motivational strategies in Enbridge Inc. contributes in improving tangible motivational strategies that could significantly emphasize the behaviors of the employee in accordance with corporate strategy and structure of Enbridge Inc. The organizational strategy and structure are fair to every staff. For motivating the staffs, the management of Enbridge Inc. could introduce flexibility in the motivational strategies. A reasonable and appropriate motivational strategies will provide an opportunity to attract, retain and motivate the competent staffs for carrying out the organizational strategy. Improper motivational strategies have demotivated the staffs, but proper strategies by the leaders of the company will provide them with opportunities for better performance.

Enbridge will achieve better results if employee motivational strategies are aligned with organizational strategy and structure. The fairness of the alignment has to be perceived by the staffs as it will encourage them to achieve the targets of the organization. The big difference in the payment of entry-level job and highest level job in Enbridge Inc. motivate the staffs to remain with the company and increase their experience and training (Herd, Shuck. and Githens, 2018). It could lead to better coordination with other employees and look for more responsibilities in accordance with organizational strategy and structure of Enbridge Inc. 

Description of Gaps in the Organization's alignment of Strategy, Structure, Systems, Processes and Leadership 

The gaps in the alignment of strategy, structure, systems, processes and leadership in Enbridge Inc. are as follows:

• Some of the leadership teams are not responsible for setting strategic alignment for the organization. As a result, they have failed to realize the value of performance management, and there is less possibility to move forward. They have been unable to provide the required capabilities and resources for supporting the employees and the management, and performance management is no exception (Kaiser, El Arbi and Ahlemann, 2015).  It is a major gap in the alignment due to lack of support from the leaders to make the employees aware of their performance. Due to multiple tasks in the organization, the implemented corporate strategy has failed to motivate the employees and the leaders to work towards the common target in terms of decision-making, coordination, monitoring and priorities

• The strategic alignment is the connection between the processes and organizational strategy. They are interconnected with one another. Lack of focus on the processes could not help the decision-makers of the company to track the organizational targets and determine the strategic changes.

• Moreover, due to the lack of alignment of strategy and processes in Enbridge Inc., the company has suffered a lack of leadership support and essential resources. The inappropriate strategy has affected the present position of the company (Klar and Shufelt, 2015). Without proper strategy, the company is struggling to take actions for effective implementation of the business strategy 

• The need for change in the company is rooted in autonomy and individual behaviors of the employees and leaders, and it is not to be taken too lightly. Enbridge Inc. needs to adopt organizational change and new methods of conducting its business. In the context of oil and gas firm, the company have to convince the employees of the company, and specifically the leaders, the change is required, and the right approach has to be chosen (Kuipers and Giurge, 2017). A key challenge is to measure the effectiveness of conflict prevention as these usually are invisible. It can be possible to make a conflict analysis by the use of theories of change. A deep understanding of critical sources and proposed ways for assessing the tensions in a specific context can be included in the theories of change 

• The alignment between Enbridge Inc. and Spectra Energy in the year 2017 led to increasing the overlap and repetition in some functions through the aligned organization. As a result, almost 5% of the workforce was reduced (Liang et al., 2017). The pay structure is not aligned with business strategy and structure, and so it has become a challenge in achieving the targets of the company. It is important to align motivational strategies with business strategy and structure to better organizational performance in Enbridge Inc. the problem in the company is that the motivational strategies have not been aligned according to the strategic alignment process of the company. Improper motivational strategies tend to decrease the costs from its competitors

• The initiatives of change management are not constantly adjusted with the corporate strategy of Enbridge Inc., so the company is lagging behind to achieve their evolving targets. The leaders are implementing new strategies but without paying much attention to the changes through the organizational structure (Liu et al., 2016). It is setting them for a strategic failure. The company have to align its organizational strategy with its business structure for securing a position in the competitive market. The misalignment of organizational strategy and structure in Enbridge Inc. is a challenge for its leaders due to continuous change in the markets of gas and oil of Canada. Paying less attention to the alignment of business structure with strategy will go on to pay steep costs for in terms of unsuccessful initiatives and lost opportunities.  

• Some challenges have come due to the expansion of the gas and oil firm. The business strategy of Enbridge Inc. is no more viable. The company has a significant market share in the Canadian market. But the company has neither started introducing new products to the local market nor has expanded to new geographical markets (Oppl, 2016). So, the strategy of Enbridge Inc. is not aligned with the rest of the organization. The organization should have done this much before, but it lacks strategic planning systems and systematic capabilities. 

Description of the Relationship between Leadership and Organizational Culture and Ethics 

Enbridge Inc. has a strong organizational culture due to unified and robust behavior, values and beliefs of the leaders. The organizational culture and ethics of Enbridge Inc. are based on core values of integrity, security and respect with the support of communities, environment and one another. These values guide actions, decisions-making and works of the leaders within the company.  The company has bright, energetic and motivated and high-achieving leaders who contribute their best towards the organizational culture and ethics of Enbridge Inc. (Painter et al., 2018). The leaders of the Enbridge Inc. is committed towards the maintenance of high standards of organizational integrity and ethics for maintaining excellence in its daily operations, and to put confidence among the employees. They carry out responsibilities openly, honestly, and in an ethical manner. Leadership and organizational culture have a deep connection with one another, and each plays a significant role to determine the effectiveness of Enbridge Inc. (Self et al., 2015). 

The organizational culture and ethics develop mostly from the leadership of Enbridge Inc. whereas the leadership is also affected by the organizational culture.  The organizational culture and ethics are socially learned and passed on by the members of the organization, and it also set the rules for leadership behavior within Enbridge Inc. The organizational culture guides the leaders to know what to do and what not to do as well as the practices, ethics, and expectations from their works. The core values of Enbridge Inc. starts with leadership which evolves into leadership style. The team members are led by these values, and as a result, the behavior of leaders and the team members become better accordingly (Shao, 2019).  An organizational culture is maintained in the company as the leaders of the Enbridge Inc. appreciate their functions within the organization. In return, it has ensured consistent behavior between the team members, reduced conflicts and created a healthy working environment for the staffs of Enbridge Inc. 

The transactional leaders of Enbridge Inc. work in the organizational culture by following the present processes, standards and rules of the company. The transformational leaders of the company change the organizational culture at first by understanding the culture and realigning it with new vision and modification of the existing values, standards and assumptions of the company. The leaders of Enbridge Inc. have both tactical and strategic thinking (van de Wetering, 2016). The strategic thinking helps the leaders to create the vision of the future for the company. The concept might develop and move forward as the leaders build an organizational culture dedicated to supporting that vision. The concept of the leaders might also determine the features of the organizational culture, Leadership teach the features and qualities of organizational culture, and the other employees of the company follow them.

In Enbridge Inc. at one point, a leader accepts no change from the standard procedures of operations, and manage it by the exception in a highly transactional way, whereas at another point, other leaders rewards the employees while applying creative rules or break them after the targets of the company are achieved (Wu, Straub and Liang, 2015). The reactions of the leaders towards the problems, resolution to the crises, reward and punishment to the employees are all relevant with organizational culture and also the internal views of the team members towards their leaders and external opinions by the customers (Van Osch and Coursaris, 2017). In short, the organizational culture is affected by leadership as much as leadership is influenced by organizational culture. The strong organizational culture of Enbridge Inc. with core values and internal guides for more power at a lower level could prevent senior management from increasing its personal power at the costs of middle-level management.   

Impact of Misalignment on Effectiveness 

The misalignment of strategy, structure, systems, processes, and leadership has created a gap where the employees of Enbridge Inc. has lost the sense of clarity and targets which guides their decisions and actions. The employees were getting mixed signals from their leaders as they were promoting one set of values but rewarding an entirely different set of values. As a result, the employees were left confused, fed-up and out of touch with the core values of the company (Weitlaner and Kohlbacher, 2015). The daily operations of the company were not falling into sync with the brand and reputation of Enbridge Inc. The company has appeared to be hypocritical particularly to the clients. The misalignment leads to loss of loyalty among the leaders and the employees. 

Five Recommendations for Change in the Organization 

Effective Allocation of Resources - Change in an organization is possible only when people associated with the organization make it possible. Almost every person working for the change in the organization has their regular job to do, so taking out time regularly and maintaining that effort over weeks and months might be a great challenging. So it is highly recommended to the leaders of Enbridge Inc. to ensure that the correct supports and motivations are facilitated and rewarded for that additional efforts.

Adjustments for Scope - Every project in the organization starts with specific parameters and conditions for defining its scope. But as the project gets continues, that scope perpetually changes. If resources are allocated on the basis of the initial scope of the project, it will be risky for the project. It is highly recommended to the leaders of Enbridge Inc. to re-examine the allocated resources and the adjustments to include the new scope into account.

Engage the Stakeholders - It is strongly recommended to align the stakeholders for the overall vision of Enbridge Inc. and then actively engage them. The stakeholders are the people who are most affected by the change in the organization. The employees and management alone could not bring changes in Enbridge Inc. They need supporters for bringing change, and the stakeholders can be those supporters for them. 

Keep an eye on the Target - It is suggested to the leaders to be dedicated towards the goals and to b slow to announce the success. They can utilize the success metrics which can be meaningful for Enbridge Inc. and also shows the failure measurement. The traditional parameters are not much help as they show the success measurement without achieving the only target and deliver the assured benefits initially approved by the project. 

Prepare People for Sustainable Benefits - People associated with Enbridge Inc. have to be ready and able to change initiatives in the organization. Several change initiatives begin with the best targets, but the change does not stick. Although it is difficult to sustain, with change initiatives, people can know the difference in their best interest. The leaders of Enbridge Inc. are recommended to identify the resistance, realize and finally take actions to overcome that resistance within the organization. 


The paper critically describes and analyzes the environment, strategy, and structure of Enbridge Inc. The paper evaluated the challenges and opportunities in terms of conflict management and alignment of motivational strategies and values of Enbridge Inc. The gaps in the alignment of strategy, structure, systems, processes, and leadership of Enbridge Inc. had also been discussed. The relationship between leadership and organizational culture and ethics in Enbridge Inc. had been explained. It will also analyze the impact of misalignment on the effectiveness of Enbridge Inc. Five recommendations.


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