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FIN203 Essentials of Financial Management Course:- A business graduate required to learn the essentials of finance so that they will be able to interact effectively with the finance & other functions in the organisation pertaining to financial matters. This course FIN203 Essentials of Financial Management targeted to equip business graduates with the requisite knowledge / skills relating to finance concepts and models to understand the implications of the firm's activities on its finances. The lists of topics, covering financial statements, time value of money, risk and return, cost of capital, cash flows, valuation, capital structure, investment & financial planning is covered. Such skills and depth knowledge would be highly useful for those aspiring to start their own business or those person who work in smaller firms that do not employ finance specialists.

Learning Outcome of This course FIN203 Essentials of Financial Management

  • Examine and demonstrate the cost of capital
  • Appraise different capital budgeting methods and capital budgeting applications
  • Demonstrate the working capital needs & financing of the firm
  • Compute measures of a firm's financial situation
  • Examine the role of time value & its use for valuing assets
  • Explain the measures of risk / return for a security/portfolio / the CAPM
  • Use financial calculators, or other computational platforms to model, Excel worksheets & solve financial problems effectively.

Topics That we Cover under our Assignment Help Services!

  • Financial statements and cash flow Assignment Help
  • Working with financial statements Assignment Help
  • Introduction to valuation: time value of money Assignment Help
  • Discounted cash flow valuation Assignment Help
  • Net present value and other investment criteria Assignment Help
  • Making capital investment decisions Assignment Help
  • Short-term financial planning Assignment Help
  • Working capital management Assignment Help
  • Lessons from capital market history Assignment Help
  • Risk and return Assignment Help
  • Cost of capital Assignment Help
  • Capital structure Assignment Help

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