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Based upon the article, “The Limits to Evidence-Based Policy: Evidence, Emotion and Criminal Justice” by Freiberg and Carson, select one of the five alternative models to evidence-based decision making that you feel most represents a prudent approach to implementing policy and procedural decisions. Why do you feel that one is better than the others? Can you think of a policy or procedure that may have used this theory to guide its development? 

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Enlightenment Model

The five alternative models that are mentioned in the report for evidenced-based decision makings are important but one I think is most important is the enlightenment model. The model suggests that research done cumulatively shapes the perspective and concepts that pervades over the policy process and impacts the thinking of people regarding social issues (Bowen, S., & Zwi, 2005). The other models such as the problem-solving model are only assistive in the offering empirical evidence to solve the policy issue. The interactive model includes the complexity of the process of policymaking. The tactical model justifies governmental actions. Further, the knowledge-driven model and problem-solving model do not consider the emotions and effects that are not assistive to address social issues. The interactive model and political model take into account of emotions but their consideration of emotion leads to inconvenient and expected interference into other kinds of agenda. Only the enlightenment model considers the intrinsic factors of emotions for making a policy (Freiberg, A., & Carson, 2010). This model involves researchers as well as collectors of evidence to make a contribution to the informed discourse. The enlightenment model is necessary because public policymaking requires considering the emotions of people. Therefore policy process main challenge to understand emotional arguments for policymaking can only be understood by the enlightenment model.
I think that evidence collected in policy making should also consider the emotional part of people and therefore I find that this policy is better than the other alternative models for evidence-based decision making. The social issues are more important for policy formulation and thinking of people about the social issues are relevant for policymakers otherwise the feasibility of policymaking cannot be met. Therefore, I recommend using the enlightenment model for evidence-based decision making.

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