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NRS-434VN- Pediatric patients of school Age- Assessment and Needs Analysis Assignment Help


Compare the physical assessments among school-aged children. Describe how you would modify assessment techniques to match the age and developmental stage of the child.

Choose a child between the ages of 5 and 12 years old. Identify the age of the child and describe the typical developmental stages of children that age.

Applying developmental theory based on Erickson, Piaget, or Kohlberg, explain how you would developmentally assess the child. Include how you would offer explanations during the assessment, strategies you would use to gain cooperation, and potential findings from the assessment.


Pediatric patients of school Age- Assessment and Needs Analysis

Children of age from 1 day to 12 years are normally considered as pediatric patients. The grown rate and developmental needs and profile of these children do vary with age. There are varieties of physical, emotional and cognitive needs of children and they do strongly depend on the particular stage of their growth within this age range. Pediatric health care professional need to possess sufficient knowledge to understand these traits before undertaking treatment for them. The current report discusses the physical assessment procedures of the children of different age groups. There are diverse factors that one need to consider before undertaking the right intervention and also the particular assessment tool or procedure depends on the age. These details are presented in detail with particular emphasis to a specific school-age group children. There is also discussion on the strategies to be employed in accordance with the growth stage of the children presented here in the report.

Physical Assessment of the School-Aged Child

Growth charts are very simple handy tools for the health care takers while dealing with the health care assessment requirements of the pediatric patients. They are in use in United states from as long as 1977. However the exact physical growth and development statics and the rates depend on other factors like genetic background of the particular child, his nutrition background and other related activities like exercises etc, but a representative standard specifications will be employed as guidelines for undertaking assessment in pediatric patients in general. Normally in the age group of about six years, children start developing an identification, perception and image of their own body. When they start becoming recognizing their body, they may complain of issues like body pains. In children the risk of obesity is also quite high and it depends more on the eating habits. Children as they grow up, will start involving in both the physical and the mental exercise which are more complex in nature. The exact physical assessment to be employed should match the child growth state for efficient usage of the same and for effective results as well. Any assessment procedure need to consider the characteristics of the children for better effects.

Developmental state of a 12 year old child

A kid of 12 years old can be considered as in the pre adolescent stage or in the teen age growth phase. Normally in this age group people will become more and more conscious of their physical body and the signs of puberty start growing on the body at this stage. Children do start sensing the growth of the hair on the face, underarms as well in the public areas. In girls there will be increase in the fat generation and there will be certain amount of breast enlargement seen there. Most of the girl’s menstrual periods will be starting by this time. Children will give value to the association and interrelations in this age group. More and more friendships will be formed and they will become more and more attached to their friends and the friendly relations as well. They start taking up their own decisions and their personality and social development will take up significant role in this age group. Their thinking process will start becoming more matured in this age group. More concern of their own interests and self respect starts growing in this age.

Erikson principles application

Erikson ego centric growth progression (Dunkel&Harbke, 2017) offers insights into the developmental stage of the individual. Personal ego self identity on relating with the environmental factors and influences will work on to shape its own image and understanding of the self. For example a child with an age of 11-12 years will be in the psychosocial stage 4 or 5 as per Erikson theory of development. When such child is provided with positive reinforcements and positive experiences, they will get boosted of their competency and makes up a positive attitude towards their future. If not, their desires and the confusion due to failure in achievement will lead them to depression and isolation. Parental support and environmental factors makes up a significant role in shaping an individual in this state of growth. Erikson postulated in general the ego of an individual consistently does vary and will not possess the same image throughout the life. It will undergo changes with time and experiences. Positive experiences boosts up the confidence and uplifts the competency of the individual whereas continuous negative impacts and environmental factors of depression will work on to reduce the self-esteem and also will work on to degrade the competency and will throw the person into isolation and depression(Cherry,2017).

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