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Articles on Child Sex Abuse Assignment Help

12 journals in which you will research and include a news article on any aspect of child abuse and neglect. It must have occurred within the last two years. After your include this article, you will respond to the following questions and will analyze your own thoughts and feelings of the challenges in this field.

1. What caught your attention about this story/case?

2. What, if any, aspect of this case do you struggle with, either emotionally, morally, procedurally, and/or ethically? Why?

3. How would you approach this case if you were in the position to investigate it or were a first responder?

4. What various social and psychological variables (parent''''s drug use.mental health, poverty, domestic violence, etc.) do you believe potentially influenced the outcome of this case?

5. If you could make any recommendations to the Department of Children and Families on what steps should be taken as preventative measures to these types of cases in the future, what would these include and why?

6. You will turn in the entire word document at the end of week thirteen.

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Article 1

Journal Article: Duron, J. F. (2018). Legal decision-making in child sexual abuse investigations: A mixed-methods study of factors that influence prosecution. Child abuse & neglect, 79, 302-314.

News Article: BBC News. (2019). Catholic Church child sexual abuse scandal. Retrieved from

This journal is one of the most detailed researches or investigations, ever conducted on sexual abuse of children, containing both qualitative and quantitative analysis using multiphase data from Advocacy centre for children in Southern US. 

This journal deals with the legal aspect, deciphering about the prosecution against child sexual abuse.  Being a first responder, I would have tried to conduct a detailed secondary review of the legal prosecutions against child sexual abuse in various countries, to analyse a common element or factor, which will contribute towards reducing this issue.
Domestic involvements and legal interventions have been found to potentially influence the outcome of this case.
The most obvious recommendation for this case is to devise stringent actions and prosecutions against individuals convicted of this serious issue.

Article 2

Journal Article: Melkman, E. P., Hershkowitz, I., & Zur, R. (2017). Credibility assessment in child sexual abuse investigations: A descriptive analysis. Child abuse & neglect, 67, 76-85.

News Article: EurekAlert. (2019). Incoherent testimony from sexually abused children with PTSD can indicate credibility. Retrieved from

It is highly essential for understanding or deriving actual facts from the testimony of children regarding their horrible experience about child abuse. This article is phenomenal in identifying the integrity of the information provide by the child, who has been sexually abused.
Since the statement is given by the child in this case, and in major section a child's statement is often doubted for credibility by legal entities to be prone to several errors, therefore this journal is highly effective in dealing with the credibility of information presented in the given news article, thus contributing to legal and procedural aspects.

As a first researcher, I would try to analyse the condition of the victim, who is testifying the entire event.
The mental or psychological condition of the victim is the most determining variable that can potentially influence the outcome of the case.

The most obvious recommendation in this case would to provide a time gap before certifying over the testimony of the victim. The time taken needs to be utilised in socialising with the children or victims for better evaluation of their mental state and to develop a sense of bonding and trust with them in order to express the incidents properly.

Article 3

Journal Article: Mathews, B. (2019). A taxonomy of duties to report child sexual abuse: Legal developments offer new ways to facilitate disclosure. Child abuse & neglect, 88, 337-347.

News Article: Medical Express. (2018). Warning follows report into online child sexual abuse risk. Retrieved from

Child sexual abuse needs to be restricted, if not stopped completely, for effective growth of the society's growth/. However, the channels through which the child sexual abuse can be prosecuted and disclosed also need to be effective for the implementation of children safety and family welfare programs.

The legal and social aspects are portrayed in this case.

Being a first researcher, I would prefer to make it mandatory of the regional government entities to invest in skilled professionals for dealing with child sexual abuse cases, while ensuring total confidentiality of the victims.

Condition of the family, mental conditions of the victims and efficacy of the legal bodies are found to potentially influence the outcomes.
The most obvious outcome is to make crucial investments for hiring skilled professionals in the Department for family and children welfare.

Article 4

Journal Article: Joki-Erkkilä, M., Niemi, J., & Ellonen, N. (2018). Child sexual abuse-Initial suspicion and legal outcome. Forensic science international, 291, 39-43.

News Article: Mulder, E. (2019). Colorado Springs child sexual assault suspect could have 35-year history of abuse, police say. Retrieved from

The ways, in which the case of child sexual abuse is suspected and prosecuted, are quite interesting since many of the cases get unnoticed due to faulty monitoring process, which is why the case is being referred to.

This case deals with the emotional, moral and physical aspects of both the abuser and abused, since in many of times, the behaviour of the child raises suspicion for occurrence of untoward incidents with the abused.

Being the first researcher, I would first seek for any abnormal incidents related to the person doubted for being sexually abusing children.
The psychological traits and mental aspects of the accused are found to potentially influence the outcome of the present case.

The most obvious recommendation in this case is to setup close monitoring activities on the person who have been found to be associated with events that in a way or another sexually abuse the children.

Article 5

Journal Article: Dubowitz, H. (2017). Child sexual abuse and exploitation-A global glimpse. Child abuse & neglect, 66, 2-8. News Article: Unicef. (2018). Child sexual abuse and exploitation: UN event sheds light on the unthinkable. Retrieved from

The growing focus of the global social welfare communities on the issues of child sexual abuse has caught attention.

This case deal with financial aspect of the child sexual exploitation and abuse, focussing towards putting an end to all sore trafficking, abuse and exploitation of the children by 2030.

Being a first responder, I would have focussed toward developing a highly efficient team who would remain proactive over the widely popular social media channels to quickly search for any information related to child sexual abuses.

The psychological and moral variables are believed to potentially influence the case outcome. The recommendation in this case is to partner with various social institutions and communal entities for ensuring best practices and effective strategies to deal with the child abuse cases.

Article 6

Journal Article: McCartan, K. F., Merdian, H. L., Perkins, D. E., & Kettleborough, D. (2018). Ethics and issues of secondary prevention efforts in child sexual abuse. International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology, 62(9), 2548-2566.
News Article: (2018). Sexual Exploitation, Harassment and Abuse in Secondary Schools in Senegal. Retrieved from

The issues of being inactive against reports of child sexual abuse have been found to increase lately, which caught attention for this story.
The ethical and procedural aspects have been found to be reflected in this case.

An individual being a first responder needs to immediately arrange for investigations into the matter along with collecting information regarding the authorities who have remained inactive despite having the information about the incident. Poverty, mental and poor legal conditions are the variables that seem to potentially influence the case outcome. The most obvious recommendation in this case is to ensure communications channels through which the individuals, staying even in the most remote areas, are able to raise their voices against this sort of abuse related issues.

Article 7

Journal Article: Giroux, M.E., Chong, K., Coburn, P.I., & Connolly, D.A. (2018). Differences in child sexual abuse cases involving child versus adolescent complainants. Child abuse & neglect, 79, pp.224-233. Available at:
News Article: Cormack, L. (2019). Groomed by a grandfather. Retrieved from

The journal article details about the various reports of sexual abuse that have been reported by the adolescents and how the same differ with respect to the case of children. It has been identified that adolescent complainant cases may differ from child complainant cases.
The article deals with the struggles of adolescents who are unable to disclose their cases of sexual abuse, as opposed to the children.
Being first responder, I would have attempted to conduct a secondary analysis on the different cases that are available regarding adolescent sexual abuse and compare the same with the cases of children sexual abuse.

Domestic involvements highly influence such cases.

The recommendation would be allowing the adolescents the opportunity to present their cases, instead of judging them from the beginning.

Article 8

Journal Article: Elmi, M.H., Daignault, I.V., & Hébert, M. (2018). Child sexual abuse victims as witnesses: The influence of testifying on their recovery. Child abuse & neglect, 86, pp.22-32. Available at:
News Article: Watts, S. (2019). Our Brains Are Hard-Wired To Disbelieve Victims. Here's How. Retrieved from

The article details how the human mind always ends up perceiving that the victims are to be blamed and disbelieved, with respect to the cases of any kind of sexual abuse, include child sexual abuse.

The emotional aspect associated with the article prevails in the global society.

Being the first responder, I would have provided more support to the victims of the child abuse to be stronger and more courageous so as to be able to claim justice.

The social stigma associated with sexual abuse potentially influences the outcome of the case.
The recommendation would be that the victims of child sexual abuse be provided with the opportunity to be able to come forward and present themselves as witness of the heinous crimes.

Article 9

Journal Article: Adams, J., Mrug, S., & Knight, D.C. (2018). Characteristics of child physical and sexual abuse as predictors of psychopathology. Child abuse & neglect, 86, pp.167-177. Available at:
News Article: Pond, E. (2018). Psychopathology Most Strongly Mediates Suicide Attempt Risk Across All Ages. Retrieved from

The article is about the childhood physical and sexual abuse victims who eventually develop psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and similar such aspects in adulthood.  The emotional and moral aspects are the major concern in the article.  Being the investigator would conduct an investigation of the various factors that are associated with child sexual abuse victimization and mental health outcomes. The psychological variables like mental health influences the outcomes.
Measures must be taken to provide appropriate care to the sexual abuse victims so that they are able to overcome the trauma.

Article 10

Journal Article: Azzopardi, C., Eirich, R., Rash, C.L., Macdonald, S., & Madigan, S. (2018). A meta-analysis of the prevalence of child sexual abuse disclosure in forensic settings. Child abuse & neglect. Available at:
News Article: Bergstrom, A. (2019). First Witness focuses on support for child abuse victims, awareness for all. Retrieved from
The case was about the prevalence of child sexual abuse and the significance of the forensic setting.

The emotional, physical and the moral aspects that are associated with the case scenario is of significance with respect to the case.
Being the first responder would have ensured that the forensic evidences are undisturbed and collected efficiently.
Psychological variables along with physical variables influence the current scenario.
Suitable recommendations for preventing such incidences would be to ensure that the forensic evidences are maintained and appropriately and successfully so as to avoid any kind of contaminations.

Article 11

Journal Article: Borg, K., Snowdon, C., & Hodes, D. (2018). A resilience-based approach to the recognition and response of child sexual abuse. Paediatrics and child health, 29(1), pp.6-14. Available at:
News Article: Rojas, R. (2019). Catholic Archbishop, on His Hands and Knees, Begged for Forgiveness Over Abuse. Retrieved from

The article is about the recognition and response of the child sexual abuse and therefore the same is of significance. The emotional aspect is of importance in this aspect.  As a first responder would manage the situation more efficiently. The psychological factors influence the entire outcome of the issues that have been highlighted.  The suitable recommendation would be to improve the mental health care system provided to the victims.

Article 12

Journal Article: Sumalla, J.M.T., & Hernandez-Hidalgo, P. (2018). Victims of child sexual abuse: Understanding their need for justice. International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice, 54, pp.11-20. Available at:
News Article: Hamilton, M.A., & Kline, S. G. (2019). As Pennsylvania lawmakers stall, child sex abuse victims suffer. Retrieved from

The article highlights the need for justice for the child abuse victims and how helpless they are.The moral issue is of significance here in this article. Being the investigator would provide more evidence so that such issues can be resolved at the earliest.  The psychological variables affect the entire outcomes of the case that has been presented. The suggested recommendation would be to take sufficient preventive measures that would ensure that the required justice is provided to the victims.

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